Falling Apart

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Going in for PT and an epidural with numbing/steriods for my tailbone next week.

Washing machine started leaking yesterday.  Bought a new one today.  Our other one is SO old, it’s almost a part of the family.  It rocks like CRAZY when it’s washing, but I may just miss it.  Until I see how my new front loader washes stuff…..

Got a Whirlpool…

Crossing my fingers.  It’s so hard to read reviews online.  Seems like a few people get loser machines (which are annoying, but covered under the warranty) but they tend to sour everyone else.  Of course, they only give reviews when something goes bad…. I know THAT too well.

Oh, and our heater, we thought, had died on Sat.  Turns out it was just a reset button.  Thanks for the service call….


Never EVER feel like your life is just falling into place.

Really, don’t.

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    I have a washer that has been on it’s last leg for the past year. When it hits the spin cycle it sounds like the train is coming in. It is not worth it to fix it so I’m just using it until it dies. Good luck with the tailbone.

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