The Holidays through Jesus

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Reading Jesus the Christ does put the holidays in perspective.  I think it’s something I might try again.  Maybe I need a year off….

We were at our Bethelehem the other night (which is super cool — they added a fire dancer to the camels, goats and “real” angel) and I saw ALL these people lined up to go in, and I wondered where the throngs of people were to save Him.  I wondered how they let it happen.  Sometimes I wonder why He could let my furnace die….

And although they are completely different levels, the answer is the same:

Because He had to.  Jesus had to die for us.  And while plenty of people betrayed him, and were unable to stop it it’s all because he had to do it.

Sometimes when I wonder why God doesn’t stop the trials in my life, I think we all need to look to the brightest star, and remember that He has to let us go through things. 

The amazing part is that we have a companion to go through it all with us.  I’m so lucky to know Him.  Just, so very lucky.

*I will most likely have a house cave-in after writing this blog.  It’s just something I had to say.  I will have my eyes peeled for the fires of hell to engulf me for my testimony.  I never learn….

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    Our speaker in church today shared how when Heavenly Father left Jesus alone on the cross this was a first for Jesus. He hadn’t been truly alone before. He had to experience this so he could understand everything, including feelings of being alone. As you said, thank goodness we truly are never alone and have someone who understands.

  2. says

    You make an excellent point here. One that is forgotten all too often. We need our trials to help us grow and to be closer to Christ.

    But, I still hope that your house doesn’t cave in.

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