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I did it!  I finally finished it, and on the DAY it was supposed to be done, no less.  Let’s just say I’m proud.  I was caught-up and for the most part I’ve enjoyed it.  Some overiding themes for me:

1.  It is difficult, for me, to obtain a love of the Savior by just reading the New Testament.  I think just because of the language they use, and some of the customs of their day I somehow am just turned off by it, but as I begin to consider His actions, his love for “the one” I slowly melt and realize the beauty of his life.  He was such a great example of triumph over adversity, of living through trials, and loving those around him. 

2.  I have enjoyed reading this chronologically, and more quickly.  It’s been like reading a novel of his life.  First, reading the scripture, and following it up with Jesus the Christ which gets more in depth tells more of the whole situation.  I find Jesus to be a character.  I know it’s an awful comparison, but as you read the Twilight series you know exactly how Bella is going to act because she is a young, whiny girl.  As I go through life now I have a better understanding of what Christ would do, how he cares for people on a complete level.  He cares for their complete selves — the self they are now, the one they were before they came to earth and the life they will live after.  I find myself looking for ways to help “the one” and serve them in my life.  I had an amazing experience doing this on Saturday at work, and I know that God loves each and every one of us.  He wants us to be happy, and it’s us to us to act as angels to help those around us.  It’s hard not to feel like every single thing you’re doing is wrong, but all you can do is pray that it’s what they need, and try.  That’s all anyone wants.
3.  “The One” — I think this has been by FAR the biggest concept for me.  Jesus helped people, one at a time.  Sure, he gave sermons and he said a lot of great things, but his greatest work was done one by one.  I find such a kinship to my own job.  I am helping one mom, one baby, one family.  Even at home, helping one Conner, one Spencer one P or even one Drew.  Not to mention friendships and all of that.  The greatest work on earth is done one at a time.  What an example.
4.  I found myself jealous of the people in the scriptures.  To walk and talk with Jesus.  To be his FRIEND.  Imagine.  Not that I don’t feel a realtionship with him, but I’m not sure I’d describe it as a friendship.  However, we had a really great talk at our enrichment by one of the sisters about how our main goal is a close friendship with Him.  I do have a strong belief that we can see Him if we are faithful enough.  Even if that’s not until we die, so be it.  I want to build on our relationship, I know the reading has helped but it just makes me crave more.
5.  The denial.  Imagine what it was like.  I know I said we give Judas a hard time, and frankly — it’s not ours to judge… but, WOW.  How would you feel, on both ends.  Judas as he reached Jesus in heaven, or Jesus as he felt the bitter pangs of someone loving money more than his Savior.  Wow.  Ouch is really the only word I can think of.
6.  He gets us.  At that same enrichment* (I know, it’s not called enrichment anymore — sue me) my friend read a quote talking about how MUCH Jesus gets us.  How he gets us when we’re frustrated with our kids, or have cancer, or we grab our kid before a speeding car.  He gets all of that.  As you read of his life, he gets it not only because of the atonement but that he experience so MANY emotions during his time on earth.  I’m just so glad to have a friend who gets every. single. thing I go through.  He loves me, and I need to show my love for him.  He went through all that so he COULD “get” us.  Sometimes I think we go through hard things, as well, just to give us an experience to help someone else.  In some ways we can all be Saviors for others, but sacrificing in these ways.

Anyway, I’m really grateful that I was able to read it, that I somehow had the self-determination to keep caught-up with it and now kill myself during the first few chapters.  For those of you who try it, the first chapters are DOOZYS, and it gets better as you go along.  If anyone wants the reading I’m happy to try and get it for you.

*Enrichment is a monthly week-night activity the ladies of the ward are invited to.  We learn how to be better people at it, the topics vary.  This particular one was about Jesus, and the readings we’ve been doing.

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    Here I am. Commenting!

    Thank you for sharing these points from the readings. I really appreciated your thoughts.

    And seriously – I am so proud of you for getting through it all! You are a superstar!!


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