A Pain in my BEHIND

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Went into the phyiscal therapist today for my tailbone issues.  She said my pelvis is actually shifted, and she did some chiropractic things to kind of losen it up or something.  I do feel a bit better, and she gave me some exercises to try.  I’m excited to be on a road to something….
I’m still going to get the caudal epidural next week.
She said it’s probably tied to my pelvic separation and my pelvic floor muscles.  It’s all about the pelvic floor ladies…

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  1. Janelle says

    Hilary, with all your Chiro friends, you seriously went to a PT, nothing against them but they cannot do Chiro things and of course they are going to give you drugs becuase they cannot fix the problem, they are not trained to do so, my advice get a second opinion from a chiro most consultat

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