Trumpet Found (right where he SWORE it would not be, how odd).


Blogging is on the back burner, and frankly — all 4 burners are on right now and we all know that makes water boil awfully slow — especially on my un-fancy stove…

Anyway, just trying to soak in all the joy, the fact that my tailbone is hurting less and give a little extra of myself during the holiday season.

We did a Books for Babies drive at school yesterday and I was able to help out.  Kids donate old gently loved books from home, and then some of the less-fortunate kids get to come buy and pick them out for themselves as well as younger siblings.  IT’s a GREAT idea.  The look of joy on those kids faces.  Plus, it encourages reading.

What a happy thing.

Just keepin’ it Merry. :)

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