The Reason for the Season

I spent a good 1/2 an hour writing the flyer for our classroom “Holiday” party.  What did I learn from this time well-spent?


Hmm… how would Jesus write the flyer?  Frankly, I’m not sure.  I’m pretty sure that he would talk-up Christmas.  After all, his name’s in it.  Christ wasn’t about being PC.  I think that’s something I found myself having the hardest time with while I read my scriptures.  BUT, no one was PC at the time.  Imagine how popular I would have been….

However, I was left to the joy of offending no one.  I think I did pretty well.  I spent some quality time with the clip-art until I found one of a mitten.  Our party did build community spirit, which is what it’s supposed to do.  One of the parents also brought a pinata, and while I was pretty nervous about someONE getting wacked, instead of that thing… it all went really well, and the kids LOVED it.

I guess in that act I learned a lot of things.
1.  Diversity is great.  No one would’ve brought a pinata to my class party.  All porcelin-white faces staring up at the teacher singing Silent Night…
2.  Let’s pretend that a Jewish kid did go to my school… they’d feel left out.  I doubt Jesus would want that.  He was definitely inclusive, that’s for sure.
3.  Kindergarteners can follow directions when threats of possible violence and loss of candy are inflicted. :)
4.  I also learned that it’s AOK to talk up the menorah, but there’s no way in heck a teacher’s going to bring in a baby Jesus.  I find myself being OK with it though.  I appreciate that someone’s traditions are being shared, and since Spencer gets plenty of Jesus talk at home, I’m glad he knows that Jonathan is going to light a candle each night.  I honestly thought a Monorah was a Christian tradition, when I was little.  fo real.  I am also ammused how traditions are mixed-up at school.  “Mom, when Hannakah is over, they have a festival called Kwanza.”  “Um, no.”
5.  Diversity is how the world is made, and we are sent here to make our own choices and it’s not our job to judge people or turn them into ourselves.  It’s our job to share the light of Christ and love them.  Does it make me sad when I hear about my wasatch-front neices and nephews being able to sing Silent night at school, or call it Christmas break… a little.  But I find our own perks, they are plentiful.

OH, and to stand back when someone is wacking the pinata.

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The Holidays through Jesus
Merry Christmas to all!


  1. says

    Personally, I’m totally offended that you used a mitten on the flyer, because that’s completely insensitive to the snow-challenged children who live here.


  2. says

    OK, so in my classroom I do have a menorah and the dreidel game, but I also have a Christmas tree and a santa art project (and you saw my kwaanza wall). I don’t get into all the religion behind the menorah, just that Hannukah is known as the ‘festival of lights’ and that each night one candle is lit (but not the explanation of why).

    I do think it would be great if Paige was at a school where her religion could be discussed. Mrs. R told me that they were discussing something about lights being related to holidays, and P burst into a whole story about baby Jesus, that had to be glossed over. I told Mrs. R that I was proud of P to share what she knew – even though as a teacher, I knew it couldn’t be elaborated on.

    Anyway….I love the mitten comment above. Go you for your efforts at the pc invite.

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