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Last night as I was seeing the bottom of our toilet in a very intimate way I decided that is it.  I need to eat better.  I need to treat my body like I treat my furnace (or, I will treat my furnace, when we finally get it!).  I keep a filter on that, I only feed it good things, and what do I do to the thing keeping me ALIVE?  I feed it chocolate, and fat, and delicious happiness.  Only it doesn’t provide delicious happiness, it provides a large butt.

Anyway, after talking with my friend Lara, we decided that as kitchy as weight loss blog is, we need the support of our friends, and most importantly our husbands.  Drew could stand to lose a few pounds, and I think we saw each other sacrificing we’d be more willing to play wii instead of sit on the couch and eat chips with ranch dressing (Drew’s favorite, and yes — I am serious). 

So, I made a new little blog:

It’s classy, I know. 
But somtimes being fat isn’t super classy either.
If I’m skinny I will re-name it to “We are all skinny, check us out!” (and yes, I did just claim — because we will succeed)
We’d love some more contributors, but I will be posting in hopes that people support me and provide constructive criticism when necessary.  If you can’t take people saying, “HILARY WHY DID YOU EAT 4 DOZEN ECLAIRS, NO WONDER YOU ARE FAT.”  Perhaps just commenting would be best for now.  :) 
Please email me (link at the right) if you’re interested and I’ll add you.  Or I’ll try and figure out HOW to add you. :)

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  1. says

    Love it. I love the blog. Just confirmed my thing and I will think of something to post.

    And I love even more that you claimed the we are all skinny blog name. You rock.

  2. says

    My sister and I, with quite a few others up here in Spokane WA, are going to do a “Biggest Looser” of our own. Kind of. I need motivation. The best for of motivation for me is to have someone else know my number. You know? What you weigh number. So, that’s what we’re doing. Should I report?

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