Things You’d Never Do

Ok, here’s the countdown of things I really said I’d NEVER do and did this year. 
1.  Let Santa bring my kids a wii
2.  Bought a wheat grinder
3.  Composting
4.  Excessive canned storage with labels and an extensive shelf life
5.  Bins for wheat.

You know, when you’re young you say you’ll never do drugs, or have premarital sex….

Really, I should’ve made some other vows.  The other day as I was re-filling my water tank so I could have easier acess to my compost bin (don’t forget you have to empty your water tank in order to be able to refill it) I wondered what happened to me.  I know this blog has had lots of me complaining about who I’ve become but sometimes you just have to embrace it.  Or, think of ways to make your husband turn the compost….

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  1. says

    It’s a good thing, Hilary. You’re growing up! :)

    I’m still not sure I’ll ever do a compost, but never say never….