The True Joys of Christmas

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As exciting as the actual day is, there are so many other things to get excited about during this time.

  • When you put the labels for your Christmas cards in, and the mail merge and printing actually works.  That is VERY exciting.
  • When you get the mail.  December mail is much more exciting than any other time of the year — don’t you think?  As much as it costs to print and send Christmas cards, not to mention the time of designing them, sending them to the printer (btw, they look GREAT this year, just got them from Vista print — quicker than I’d expected!), to get, you must give.  Heavens knows I want to get, get, get.  I LOVE Christmas cards from friends.

I hope to post some of the other great joys of the season… because there are many.  None of them involve a needle up my tailbone.  fyi.

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