Word on the playground, there is a jacket thief loose at school.
Wonder if they’ll recover anything from his nasty little hideout….

Guess who needs a new heater.
Merry Christmas to us….

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  1. says

    Your life kind of sounds like mine right now. They say things break in three’s right? So far ours have been little things. We did decided to replace our washer for Christmas though. I sure hope we don’t follow your pattern and now have a problem with the heater(knock on wood).

  2. says

    I just want to know what the jacket thief is doing with all the jackets? Reselling them to freezing victims?

    This totally sounds like the plot of some kids book, wherein some smarty and his friends rig a trap to discover the thief.

  3. Anonymous says

    Ryan brought a unique Santa hat (looks like a baseball cap) to school and now he can’t find it. We checked all the lost and founds and inquired at the office. He’s really good about keeping track of stuff–I’m pretty sure someone stole that too.–C