Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Woman Who Knew Too Much

I love all of you.

So many kind words.

Yet none of what you're telling me is anything new. I've probably induced 100's of women in my life. None of them with exceedingly poor outcomes. But, little things have happened, things can go wrong, things go wrong... I've seen that. I've also spent hours pouring over fetal monitoring strips as the baby is slowly dying... they pay me to do stuff like that.

I worry it's not time, that the induction won't take, that they'll break my water without the proper fight from me and I'll end-up with a c-section.

I worry there's a reason labor hasn't started.

And my particularly pitiful self wonders WHAT is going to go RIGHT with this pregnancy? I feel like nothing has gone super wrong, but I've gotten small tastes of everything. The diet, the kidney stones, the side pain that they thought was gal stones, the years of trying before it even happened... and now this. Of course, that's the labor nurse's curse. We're fun like that.

And then the rest of me says to SHUT. UP. There's one goal with a pregnancy, and it's not a happy mom. I mean, that's a nice side-story and something to tell the kids about the day they were born -- but that's not our focus. It's a healthy baby with a healthy mom who can go home and lead normal lives.

And that's what I want. A healthy baby. Perhaps I should stop crying on my bed then.

Imagine watching someone else is doing your job knowing that your baby's life (and your own) lays in their hands, and just let go. Imagine what that feels like (and imagine you have as many control issues as I have to begin with). I know, you want to go cry on your bed too.

Oh, and add the swine flu to that. {sigh}


Nothing's going on, and I'm getting a little sad.
Actually, I'm getting depressed.
I really thought today would be the day.
I REALLY don't want to get induced, but I had to do some fancy talking to let me doctor push me off til' Wednesday. I won't go into it all here, but I have about 12 risk factors that say I should've been induced last week.
But here it is Tuesday morning and I just want to walk around the house and cry.
Crying doesn't induce labor -- but it does make your husband (who has already started his parternity leave) nervous.
I don't even have the will to IM or read blogs. I mean, I read a few -- but I didn't even comment. I did yoga for about 5 minutes, but then I started to cry... and yoga and crying don't really mix...
That's where I'm at people.
I guess I'll go read my scriptures. I've said so many prayers this morning, I'm fairly sure God is tired of me.

In other news, today is the 8 year anniversary of my uncle's death. I was kinda hoping he'd put in a word for my "upstairs". He was one of the funniest, genuine and amazing men I ever knew. Our whole family still misses him tremendously.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Hearby Banish You from My DVR

No, this entry has no pink fuzzy hat. My apologies. My cervix, like my will -- is apparently made of iron. Do with that fact as you will.

In other news I took a show off my DVR. ABC's Brothers and Sisters. I just couldn't take it anymore. It used to a show about family and how they loved each other. Now it's about family who loves each other, and expects everyone to love them unconditionally, because their mother will fix it. In a world where everything is screwed up because of a lack of values, that's what every single character on this show portrays and I can't take it anymore. Drew applauded when I did it.

At least I did one thing right today.

Tests were great at the hospital, all is fine. She must just want me all to herself for a bit longer. And who, really, can blame her? I'm quite amazing. Admit it, you all want me to give you my full attention. The dreaded I word has been thrown around. Hoping I don't have to use it. Cross your fingers.

Still Pregnant

Still pregnant -- that pretty well says it all. However, yesterday S came down with a little cold, and he woke-up a couple of times during the night pretty sad -- so I was happy that it was me here and not someone else. Hate leaving sick kids. Perhaps I've mentioned Conner vomiting before I had Spencer?

Contractions went anywhere between every 2 to every 5 minutes yesterday, but as soon as I get up to just change position, or pee or whatever -- they leave. It bugs. They aren't that painful though, obviously -- or I'd be in the hospital. :) Dr's gonna strip my membranes today, I am going to tell her no need to go gentle, I'm a big girl. :)

So, I thought I'd answer some the questions we keep getting, you know -- with all my spare time:

Why not just get induced? I think induction has a time and a place. For instance, I have a few tests on the baby today -- if any of those came-up bad I would immediately go for induction. If they're fine, I figure I'm fine for a couple of days. People have c-sections because they get induced, once your water is broken the party's over and either your uterus pushes it out, or we cut it out. Inductions are harder than natural labor -- both on you and on the baby. There's an increased incidence of bleeding, and poor outcomes with induction. And that is all. Also, I think that babies who make it out on their own have a better adaptation to regular life. Even if it's not so fun stowing them in there til' they're darn well ready.

What's the baby's name? We have a top 12 list (I thought it was a top 10 list, but I was wrong -- although, there are a few on there that I have mentally crossed-out already). It is loaded in our phones and when she comes out we'll figure it out. I don't know if I mentioned this, but my mom calls the baby "screen door". The kids have come-up with about 9 million "funny" (aka, STOP TALKING ABOUT THE BABY'S NAME) names, mostly on car rides... (mashed potatoes, silly string... etc.) Spencer told her screen door one day and somehow it stuck. We may end-up nick-naming her Dorie, even if her name's Lolita (which it won't be). Believe me, my not naming the baby anything yet is driving my parents insane. Maybe that's why I'm doing it -- it's my inner teenager. :) I've obviously already had sex, and I hope to do some drugs soon....

Going back to work? Yes, I'll be going back to work. I'm so grateful for the CA disability policy -- I've had paid disability since the beginning of March and I will get another 6 weeks after she's born. PLUS I get another 6 weeks on top of that of family leave. I'd like to take that in October, but the jury's still out. I hope to convince my manager what a great idea that is (otherwise Drew and I will both be home for 6 weeks of the summer). In Utah I had about 2 weeks of sick leave, that I had to slowly distribute during the 5 weeks I took off so I could pay for my insurance. Sad news.

Well, there's another contraction. At least now, most of the time, I don't feel like they're shoving her up into my lungs -- it does seem to have downward momentum. The kids aren't handling this particularly well. Conner's so concerned about when it's going to happen, what will happen to him the percentage chance that I'll have the baby today. STAR testing is this week too so I am feeling a lot of mommy guilt. He told my mom he's "antsy" -- true dat.

So, Hilary out. Wouldn't it be delicious if my next entry was with a cute little bundle with a pink hat? Oh, and for the moms out there -- did you have a baby with a sick other child? Any hints on that? I figure I'll wash his hands good and keep him out of her face... what'd you do?

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Entirely Caught-up

I did 9 scrapbook pages this AM... one of them was even digital, combining all the pregnancy shots I had... check me out.

Anyway, part of me wonders if something in my head keeps the little dear in. Heavens knows I don't feel ready inside -- but if that was the case. But, just in case that thing in my head was scrapbooking -- it's gone now. :) Not a single picture left. Take THAT Stacy Julian.

Well, anyway -- contractions keep coming, but scrapbooking helped me concentrate on something else. Kids are going to church with D's cousin (I heart her), Drew needs to stay home -- you know, in case my water breaks he can get out the wet vac. I'm going to make him do prenatal yoga with me. He'll be begging to go to Sunday School within the hour.


Contractions got down to every 3 minutes last night, but nothing particularly painful. I had a couple of glasses of water and they quieted down. Nothing major during the night.
And there you go.
I think the kids were most disappointed. Poor, poor children.
Oh, and thanks for the labor advice. I've seen castor oil go really, REALLY wrong... it was ugly.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mom, what is labor?

Home alone with 2 little boys.
The contractions are 10 minutes apart. Not sure if I'm willing myself into having them or what... they are painful though.
However, not near as painful as all the questions:
  • Mom, when are you in labor? Labor is when your cervix is opening -- your cervix is the piece of tissue that holds the baby up -- the uterus pushes the baby against it.
  • So, does your cervix open when you have contractions every 10 minutes? Usually it's closer together, but some contractions don't make the cervix open at all. I will most likely head to the hospital when they're 5 minutes apart.
  • So, in how long will your contractions be every 5 minutes? No clue.
  • Will it take half as long as it took for your contractions to be every 10 minutes, for them to be every 5 minutes? (?)
  • Mom, who's gonna watch us when you have the baby? same answers I've been giving ALL WEEK.
  • Mom, what's a guterus (goo-terrace) -- this one's from Spencer? Spencer, it's a uterus, it's where the baby is.
  • Mom, can I play with your yoga ball? No.
Anyway, there are more -- but currently they are bothering me more than the contractions. I guess when the contractions bother me more than the questions, it will be time to go.
Maybe we should put that in our labor precautions at the hospital. :)

My Child is the Leader of the Hun Army

Conner's play was last night. I swear they lined up the boys, picked the smallest to be Mushu and the next one to be the villan (who's supposed to be huge). Regardless, he played angry very well. I can't imagine how he knows how to portray angry.... He had a lot of funny parts too though, I sure do like this kid, and I'm glad he didn't melt in this outfit and the hot lights.

Still Pregnant

How depressing is that little ticker to the right?
This is what I wanted. Well, it's not really what I want -- but honestly, when does a mom get to consider what they want? Wait for the kids to be done, wait for Drew wait for the baby...
So, yes -- I'm still pregnant. Feeling pretty OK this AM.
It isn't stopping me from having a bit of a pitty party. I deserve a tiny one... don't you think?
Anyone want to come visit with me as I rotate on my yoga ball today at 4:30? :)

BTW, someone called at 8:30 this AM. I was totally awake (had been so for 2 hours) but I am relying on the kids getting me the phone lately... and well, sometimes that takes a while. Please leave a message so I can call you back. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

At Least I Delivered SOMETHING today

For those of you who are men who read my blog and are easily offended. Skip this entry. :)

I lost my mucus plug this AM. I've never lost it before. I was SO grossed out by it.

I am not a mucus fan. Back in the nursing home days I'd rather clean-out a guy's colon than do trach care on another patient.

Anyway, I should now have the baby in the next couple of weeks.

I love it when patients come in all expectant like the baby will come out any minute, "I lost my mucus plug!" "and....?"

Let's just say it's not plugging anything. Sadly. I wonder if there's research for the average time you give birth after said plug is expelled. I will have to google it. Yes, it turns out I was right -- you will usually have the baby within 2 weeks.

Lucky, lucky me. BTW, the due date is today. Kaiser thinks it was last Friday -- but the ultrasound said today so I've been going off of that. Had an NST this AM which was totally fine, more tests on Monday.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby that book

I finally finished my re-read of Babywise.
I've implemented it with the other two.
Yes, his first few editions were a bit radical.
For me it boils down to eating every 2.5-3 hours, in a sleep-wake-eat-play repeat cycle...
I wake them during the day, not at night.
That's about it. Of course, he expanded that into 200 pages... or so.
And has made a lot of money.
What newborn books did you read and love? Do you hate me that I am a Babywise mom? Well, I will have a baby -- and heavens knows I'm wise. It just fits. :)

In other news, Kate of John and Kate Plus 8 is annoying the be-jeebers out of me. Of course, it doesn't take much lately but S and I watched their "going green" show and I thought she was so mean to the guy and really ungrateful. And there's me bein' all judgemental n' the like.

Pack Your Bags!

I have been putting off packing my bags for the hospital. Wait, make that bag. I've had patients with 3 or 4 bags. I have one, a rolling suitcase -- and then I'll have the diaper bag packed the baby's things for Drew to bring when he comes to get me.

So, what do you put in your bag? I must admit when people ask me I say there are 3 necessities:
1. Lip Balm
2. Scrunchie or appropriate hair clip to keep your hair up, out of the way and most importantly out of the anesthesiologist's way when he's taping your back-up (because, believe me you want the least amount of hair involved in that process)
3. Socks you are OK throwing away.

Of course, all of those 3 things are for labor. Other necessities can include gum (mostly for your partner, because they're gonna be in your face), lotion (hospitals are SO drying) a bathrobe (so much nicer if you decide to walk) and slippers (because the floors in the hospital are gross. Period. As a side note, never bring your crawling baby to the hospital and let them crawl around. I want to die when I see it. I mean, we have great housekeepers, but they're not miracle workers...

Now, I'm trying to figure everything else out.
  • Do I bring contacts? No.
  • Do I bring make-up? Yes, I'm just bringing eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss though
  • Oh crap, the sibling presents... they are now wrapped... which was painful. I know, it's a sad way to start the relationship -- but it sure puts it on the right foot right away, and it gives the kids something else to look at if they're not enthralled with the baby.
  • What camera to bring? Most likely all of them.
Yipes. Just too much to think about. I'd get anxious, except having a baby in your lungs makes you feel anxious all the time...
I do get anxious thinking about the kids, them getting left while I do the deed, them coming to the hospital, how it's all gonna work out. I think that was my least-expected, but hardest part about having Spencer. I BAWLED when I left Conner. To think that my choice changes his life for good it was just too tragic for me. that, and the fact I was having contractions every 2 minutes. Oh, and that he'd just thrown-up.

So, what do you bring to the hospital? I have some magazines and a few movies... I don't plan on being in labor that long. I have a lot of plans, you know. :)

Crazy Safeway

Ok, did 2 more safeway runs today. Frankly, I think I like the adrenaline rush of saving so much. I am a complete loser, I am aware.

Run #1
(the first items are just things that were on sale/needs, they are not part of the LW promo)
Yeast 6.99
Milk 1.99
English Muffins 1.49
2 Pepperoni 5.00
2 hillshire farms sausage 5.00
Celery 1.00
Spinach 1.00
now for the living well Promo Items:
4 Arrowhead water (1.99 ea) 7.96 (minus 1$ catalina) (basically free -- prints out a total of 4$ catalina at the register)
4 Black Beans (1.34 ea) 5.34 (79 cents ea)
2 All Laundry Detergent 4.49 ea (minus 2 IP coupons) (1.66 ea)
10 Yogurts (50 cents each if you buy 10) 5.00 (minus 1/8$ IP) (19 cents ea --AMAZING price)
String cheese 3.99 (2.37)
Total before all coupons/discounts: 88.53
Total after club card/prior catalinas of 12.00 (I also had a save 5 off 50 coupon I got in the mail) 28.21 (68% saved) -- plus I got 14.00 between the LW deal and the water catalinas to spend next time.

Run #2
8 Classico pasta sauces (ONLY SPECIFIC ONES are for the LW promo -- they were not marked at my store -- this is actually why I did 2 runs, because I wanted to come home and check which ones were on the promo -- they are all just alfredos, none of the tomato sauces -- you can look them up at safeway.com) 2.00 ea (1.18 ea -- plus a free box of pasta!)
8 boxes of Safeway Pasta -- free with purchase of classico -- must buy in 2's (free)
Water 3.98 (basically free)
John Muir Crushed Tomatoes 2.50 (minus 1$ IP) (48 cents)
10 Yogurts 50 cents each (minus $1 IP) (19 cents each)
Feta Cheese 3.00 (1.70)
Total Before Coupons, etc. 63.77
Total after coupons/14.00 of catalinas (lw and arrowhead water) 9.94 (84% savings) with 10.00 of catalinas to spend next time (somehow they only scanned one water, but it ended-up working out -- just don't have the catalina from that one -- not sure how I still got the LW promo, but whatever).

** the yogurt and the pasta are amazing deals, I haven't seend prices that low ever -- just FYI. The rest is pretty decent but those are the two that brought my large-ness out to the store twice this week.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drawn to him

Spencer has become quite the artist lately. A few of them have been so cute I even scanned them (I know, impressive I could heave myself off the chair to do something like that). I have really, really been trying hard to give him some extra attention these past few days. I know the baby's going to be a big change for him. He's been the "baby" for quite a while...
Anyway, I love his little photos. I also love how I am the only person in our family that has hair. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Feeling punk today.

It is most likely because mother nature thinks I live in the dessert all the sudden. It's been over 90 here lately, and I'm fairly bitter about it. Thankfully we have AC. Perhaps I should show her my mortgage bill where I pay a lot of money to live in the land of delightful weather, ESPECIALLY when I'm 9 months pregnant.

So this morning I just have no mojo. I only did 10 minutes of yoga, which is the first time in a long time. Just couldn't do it any more.

Feeling a little better now, but I hate how every thing is "is this it?" Currently, I am thinking no... but it's just so fun to have life be uncertain.

Heavens knows how I thrive on uncertainty.

Actually, I prefer AC. :)

Monday, April 20, 2009


Was in the garage getting something, on the phone.
Lizard, RIGHT in front of the door. It is a small miracle I didn't step on him on my way out.
{continued screaming -- and I'm telling my friend why I'm screaming}
{Drew leisurely opens the door}
He opens the garage door while I run around to the front door to get out.
Drew shews said lizard out of the garage.
Drew: "poor guy, he was tiny, and he was afraid."

WAH to you lizard, WAH to you.

BTW, between the doctor checking me and now the lizard fiasco -- no contractions, nada -- I think I'm good for a few days. And don't think I didn't do a freak-out dance when I saw said lizard. I did it good.

Menu Plan Monday

I must admit we went out a few times last week, so it's pretty much the same as last week's... I'm not gonna re-post.
Some days it's just about gettin' through the day -- not cooking. :)
BUT, I still want to eat in as much as possible before the baby's born, so it's nice to have quick and easy ideas in my head.


Interesting post on Segullah about YW object lessons. I think my main issue is that you can't un-chew a piece of gum -- and the girls (because most likely some of them in that very room have made a mistake or two) need to realize that Jesus can make you clean and new again -- and that's what the gospel is about, not so much about never chewing the gum -- if you catch my drift.

I was never too big on the object lessons. I had a YW sitting at my kitchen table and I said Mary Jane (name's been changed) -- you can NOT be having sex, you will turn into your aunt -- and she said "No sister E. I know that - I am not going to have sex until I get married."

She was pregnant like 4 months later.

She most likely went and partied it up a couple of hours later.

I was more of a "bring the facts" kind of leader.

And boy oh boy did they learn a lot of facts from me. :)

Oh yeah, and did anyone watch the Oprah on the 14 year olds that wanted to have sex? Laura Behrman and I don't see eye to eye pretty much any of the time, but I thought this was really good. I appreciated the questions she asked them. The ones I remember off the top of my head:

1. She asked them both how long they thought the relationship would last. Boy said 6 months, girl laughed really uncomfortably after that. Dr Behrman then made the boy realize the girl thought they were in this forever, they would get married and have babies. Interesting to see a young couple realize this so fully.

2. She asked the girl what she would do if she got pregnant. Again, the girl was really uncomfortable and just said she couldn't think that far in advance. I was glad that Dr. Behrman made her realize that is always an option, regardless of how many methods you use.

3. What would he/she expect from sex after the first time, and how would they feel the next day? Again, a great question. Will you feel guilty, do you want to do it every time you have a date -- again, just thinking ahead.

In the end the boy still wanted to have sex, and the girl said she was slowly changing her mind.

Again, just an honest discussion about feelings and facts -- with lots of listening.
Still can't believe I'm agreeing with Dr. Behrman on anything. {shaking head}

Goodness, another interesting post on coupons. You know, if you're bored. Like me. :)


As much as I don't want to admit it, I think I do feel some pressure to get the scrapbooks up to date before the baby comes. I have limited myself to one page a month for the year (there are a few that I'm doing more than that, but it's rare). I think it's doable. And I did 6 yesterday {happy dance} -- props to Drew who helped a lot so I could crank these suckers out.

Monday Check-Up

Just got back from a little fun at the doctor's. I was a little nervous my blood pressure would be high, but it was fairly normal, even though my feet now think they should be logs. I won't mention what my weight was. I gained at least 3 pounds over the hot weekend with water, I'm sure. I just hope I pee it all off when she comes. :)

As far as "down under" I'm 1, maybe 2 and I think still 50% but at least the head is now touching the cervix. I am still pretty high when you look at me, but I think she's grown down to meet the cervix. Basically, not much change in that department from 2 weeks ago.

Kaiser thinks I'm overdue, so I get to have an NST on Friday, then they'll do an AFI the Monday. I'm not an induction fan so I'd like to go naturally. I'm telling you -- Saturday at 5 pm I'll be on the yoga ball -- feel free to visit. :) I'll be back to the doctor's next Monday so she can strip my membranes if I haven't already gone over the weekend (and they will most likely induce me on Tuesday or Wednesday if nothing's going on then).

In other news, I think those Mormon church benches are laden with pitocin (all those darn kids we have). OMG, I've just never been so uncomfortable, and when I came home I felt the same for at least an hour and then I cooled off. Yeesh. I think we're safe to say that even if the baby's not out by next Sunday -- I won't be there. Or, maybe I should be there. Maybe I should go to both wards? Maybe I should go live on a bench?

And finally -- I did work out today. I actually read in one of those crazy newborn/pregnancy magazines that babies of women who work out during pregnancy score higher on IQ tests. At least I can make-up for a bit of the fact I can't breast feed. Seriously, if I have to do that cardio DVD one more time... I am still working out 4 times a week. Once with the Lindsay Brinn Cardio DVD, 2 times with her prenatal yoga, 1 time with denise austin (I do her cardio portion and then I did a "labor preparation" DVD that does some pelvic floor stuff). I am a big fan of how the work-outs make me feel afterwards, but doing them. Well, let's just say it isn't pretty at this stage in the game. And that is all for now. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Idea of Sabbath Fun

You know how in the Laura Ingalls books she'd talk about quietly playing with her dolls, or looking at a special book on Sunday.

Well, today I showed my kids the joy of pitting edema.

My feet are REALLY swollen, and while it is pretty hot here today (I actually had Drew turn on the AC because I was just too uncomfortable for words) it's pretty crazy. I showed them how if they pushed their fingers into my feet/legs it would make an impression. That was good for about 10 minutes of fun. They made their fingers into different shapes and tried to see how far up my leg it goes.

Now, THAT is a fun mom. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Today's Grocery Run

Let me just say that I took Drew with me on this little grocery shopping trip. I think he was even impressed -- although he didn't do a cheerleading jump or anything. I split into 2 transactions (some people are saying they are having issues getting the catalina in back to back transactions, I hadn't heard this prior to my run -- by just an FYI -- you might want to split them up -- take one to your car and then go again):

Trasaction #1
Skippy 2.50 - 50 cent coupon (from Safeway flier in the mail) (.98)
Chef Boyardee 1.00 X 4 (.59)
Arrowhead waters 1.99 X 2 - 1/2 coupon from catalina machine from yesterday (ends-up paying for itself and a bit of change after catalina)
Capri Sun 1.99 - 1.00 coupon from weekend paper (which we get on Sat.) (.18)
Muir Glen Tomatoes 2.50 - 1.00 IP coupon (.48)
Viva Paper Towels 6.49 - .50 IP coupon (3.35)
Tropicana 50 OJ 2.50 - 1.00 coupon (.48)
Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sand. 3.99 (2.37-- not a great price, but it fits the diet)
Total before coupons, etc. 47.85
Used $10 living well catalina and 2.00 from Arrowhead water from yesterday, along with coupons total: 11.31 (77% savings)
Got back 12.00 in catalinas (10$ living well and 2$ Arrowhead water)

Transaction #2
Kraft Salad Dressing 3.69 - 1.99 from Safeway Coupon from mail flier - 1.50 manufacturer's coupon (they paid me 30 cents to take it)
Arrowhead Water 1.99 X 2 - 1.00 coupon from Catalina (ends-up paying for itself and a bit of change after catalina)
No Yolks Noodles 1.25 - .75 coupon (pretty-much free)
S&W Canned black beans 1.25 X 3 (.74)
Sobe Life Drink 1.00 - coupon for free sobe from catalina machine (free)
Electrosol/Finish Dishwashing tabs 3.99 X 2 - 1.00 coupon (got with new dishwasher) and 2.50 coupon from Sunday paper (1.37/free)
Yoplait Yo Plus Yougurt 2.50 - 1.50 IP coupons (basically free)
Hebrew National Hot Dogs 2.50 X 2 - 1.00 IP coupons (.48)
Total before savings: 50.64
Total after Card, and MFC savings (plus I used Trans. #1's catalinas of $12.00): 3.87 (93% Savings)
plus, I got 12 dollars of Catalinas to use next time

So, in total I got 98.49 worth of groceries for 15.18 -- 84% savings (plus I have 12.00 in catalinas to spend next time)
Safeway Savings: 57.98
Coupon Savings: 23.34

** Catalina = the coupons that spit out with your receipt at the register
** MFC = Manufacture's coupon
** IP Coupon = Internet Printable coupon -- google it, it will most likely come-up

It's likely this is my last crazy trip before the baby's born. It probably took me at LEAST an hour to figure out these scenarios -- what we needed, what we didn't. It's time consuming, but I am on a bit of a high after it. :)

Bloggers: The Next Generation

Lately I've had some younger friends doing blogs.

First off, I found it amusing -- I mean, what would my blog have been about when I was in college? Roommates, boys, how much the nursing program TOTALLY STINKS. I mean, super boring stuff like that.

But I'd LOVE to read it now. It's easier to get-out thoughts and emotions when I type rather than write, and while I have journals from those time periods, it'd be fun to have it with pictures, etc.

Anyway, it's also fun to read their blogs and remember when my life was as cool as theirs. When my main concern was the weather, school and boys -- not controlling an uncontrollable housing market or cervix. :)

Anywho... heavens knows I love a good blog.

In other news -- yes, it is 3 am. I was falling asleep before the kids at 7 pm last night, and just went to bed. But now I'm awake. But I think I'm ready to go back to bed. You know, just seein' what it's like to be up at this hour, since I'll be very well acquainted with it soon. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Deals for the Week

There are some decent deals at Savemart this week -- most of which is their hamburger for 1.69 -- I stocked up since there are so many simple meals to make that start with hamburger. If I'd had the will I would have pre-cooked a bunch of it, but let's face it -- will isn't my high point right now.
Safeway is doing their Living Well promotion, which took me about 6 hours to figure out what I'm gonna buy. Here's my scenario for today.
3 skippy creamy @2.50 ea. with 40 cent coupons (1.08)
2 Crisco non-stick sprays @ 2.99 ea. (1.77)
1 Chef Boyardee can o' something @ 1.00 (.59)
2 Arrowhead waters @ 1.99 ea with 1.00 coupons from last time (30 cent money maker, which mostly goes to CRV)
2 Yo plus yogurts @ 2.50 ea with 1.00 coupons (.48)
2 Oscar Meyer Deli Creations @ 2.50 ea with .75 coupons (.74)
2 No-Yolk noodes @ 1.25 with .75 coupons (basically free)
total before coupons, etc. = 48.09
After coupons, card savings, etc. 21.26 PLUS I got back a 10 dollar catalina for next time, and a 2 dollar catalina for buying 2 arrowhead waters (again, reminder that you need to use those on your next trip -- or it's wasted $$). So, if you minus the 12 I get to use next time my total was 9.26. Feel that joy!

This Living Well promo is a hard one to figure. BTW, I also have a 10% discount on my card right now -- you can sometimes call and get it, I try about once a month to try and get it -- I just got lucky last time. ANYWAY, so if you're trying to figure it out you just take your product price X .66 to get your total (you want to hit as close to 30 dollars as you can with this -- that's why I bought the Chef Boyardee) to see if it's a good price. Some of it really isn't. I have another scenario planned for whenever I get my weekend papers. Word on the street there's some good coupons in it. I get almost all of my info from this thread on slickdeals -- I love how people add their scenarios combining coupons, etc. Also, most of the coupons I had were internet printables and the links should be on that page as well.

Time in a Bottle

This is most likely our last child. No, I'm not doing anything that requires snipping (nor is Drew) but with the kidney stones, the length of time it took us to get pregnant, the diet {ugh, the diet!}... and the size of our house seem to all dictate this is the last time I'll be pregnant.

There are SO many things I'd like to never experience again. Most of them revolving around the kidney stones, also the pelvic separation thing that makes it pretty sad to watch me walk in the evening... there are plenty of parts of pregnancy that I am wishing I could bottle up so I could remember what it's like.

The main one is the baby inside. Sometimes when you check a woman the baby's hand is the first thing you touch, and they'll grab at your glove. It is a truly freaky experience -- because as a nurse you sometimes forget it's a little human inside that woman. It's hard to picture it -- a whole human, inside you. But she is. The good the bad, the ugly, she's in there. I currently give her life. It's an amazing thing if you can wrap your head around it -- and thankfully, most days I can't -- or I guess I don't think about it. Last night she had hiccups (which drives me insane)... and I just realized that each day she's in there is the last time I'll have entire control over her. Heavens knows how I love to have control over stuff. She is getting pretty pushy in these last days. Who knew my stomach wasn't large enough for something? Well, she thinks it's getting cramped. Little does she know, our house is also very small. Thankfully, I can still proudly say that my stomach is smaller than our house.

Anyway, there are things I want to remember about this. There's feelings I have that I wish I could keep forever, but I'll forget, and soon she'll be telling me that she hates me and leaving for college. Just trying to take it all in.

In other news, I took apart my purse yesterday. I've been carrying around a smaller one anyway, so I took all the stuff I had in my larger purse and put it in the diaper bag. Just giving up small parts of my life, until she takes everything, including my will to live. :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Over-doing It

I spent last night wondering if I was going to go into labor, or if water would start spewing out of my eyeballs first (for those of you wondering -- if you start contracting, I always tell people to drink 3 VERY LARGE glasses of water -- which makes a person feel a bit water logged after a bit). Uterus was very irritable, and I know exactly why. Lots of walking, lots of cleaning, lots of stretching and trying to get stuff under the crib. Every night I contract. Every night I vow the next day will be filled with me laying on the couch having grapes peeled for me and one of the boys with a palm frond fan.

It never happens. What'd I do today? Oh, I got up at 6:30 -- made 3 loaves of pumpkin bread, and a batch of pumpkin cookies (I have a serious pumpkin over-stock). We also have another large group of errands planned for in about an hour.

My mom keeps asking me when I'm gonna get my burst of energy. I think she usually asks me this while I'm making dinner (and I'd rather be dead -- dinner time's not my favorite). I keep saying I think I got it when I was like 30 weeks.

I don't know what compels me to go insane like this. I do feel the urge to do fun stuff with the kids over the break, but perhaps we could watch a movie on the couch, rather than making baked goods. I am dumb. And I also have cookies to take off the sheet now.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can't. Do. It.

Today we put up the crib.
I wanted to get some drawers or something to go under it.
We went to Target (haven't been there in months, so proud of myself).
So, we could either get blue roll-out bins, or purple.
What color did we get?
Seriously, could not bring myself for that sicky lavender color to be all under the crib. I mean, she'll be adorable when she wears it, but that room is entirely primary colors.
I mean, it's blue and yellow. It's practically Drew's school colors.
And let's not even mention BYU colors.
Go Cougs!
Am I right here, or did I scar her for life already?
In other news I bought some tiny baby bows. Most likely just for photo shoots, but it was my first bow purchase. Bow to the bows.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Some Easter Photos

This sweater hides nothing. Yes, the ties are Easter repeats from 2 years ago. Our new tie fund went to the car. Man, I am big.

Menu Plan Monday

Simple's the word of the week -- even though D's home, I'm still a bit territorial over my food.
  • Mexican: Green Chicken enchiladas (I saw these on the test kitchen, and they looked yummy -- I will most likely use canned green enchilada sauce though)
  • Pasta: Spaghetti
  • Kids: Sloppy joes made with ground turkey
  • Sandwiches: Roast beef
  • Chicken: Mexican Casserole this stuff must be awful for you, but I sure am craving it right now.
  • Other: Funeral potatoes (ham to use up from Easter -- the rest I'm gonna cut-up and freeze) and chili chips and cheese.

BTW, my Easter ham rocked. I bought a cheap cut, and I put it in the crock pot smothered in crushed pineapple mixture made of pineapple, brown sugar, a hint of ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and a few cloves. DElish. I even skimmed off some of the pineapple and we had some of that on top. Yummiola.

Yesterday at Church

Yesterday during the sacrament (which is the most sacred time during our meetings) Drew was showing the name list to Spencer. I told he and Spencer that they should be thinking about Jesus. Spencer said:

"Mom, we're not gonna name the baby Jesus."

Well, you've got me there little lad.
We're not.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

38 weeks and hoppin'

Just another fat picture of me. Drew took this one (I had a contest between he and Conner -- Drew won, but mostly because I allowed him to climb on the slide with my camera and Conner had to stay on level ground). Yes, the baby is still high -- lucky, lucky me.

Our ward also had an Easter egg hunt yesterday. While on our way Conner asked us "why do we celebrate Easter anyway?"... nice. THREE FREAKING HOURS OF CHURCH A WEEK, and I couldn't even stop and tell him the real reasons behind Easter. At least it took a few minutes to get to the park so we could discuss it. {phewsh}
Happy Easter everyone, and might we all remember the real reason behind it -- show some love to our fellow man, and perhaps thank God for the blessings he has given us, and the opportunity we have to repent and be better -- and tell our kids about the REAL Easter. Heavens knows I need that. :)

Friday, April 10, 2009

2 weeks

Of course, I really hope I don't have the baby on my due date -- Conner has a play that evening, and I hate to mess with him like that (it's his first big play), and then Drew has area band festival the next afternoon. {sigh} THEN, I can go into labor.
But not before.
So weird to think that I'm 38 weeks -- after all that trying, to really realize it's happening and my life is going to be 1/3 harder...
Well, makes a girl want to suck it up a little longer.
As if this is all under my control.
Really, it is. :)

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Oprah and Talking to Kids About Sex

Just finshed my DVR'd talking to your kids about sex. I was fairly interested. I made Drew have the "talk" with Conner on the suggestion from our pediatrician that 8 was a great age to talk about the mechanics. Conner (and, actually Spencer now too) knows that daddies provide the sperm and that there are boy sperm and girl sperm, and which ever one gets to the egg first chooses the sex of the baby. (sidenote: We have the usborne Flip Flap Body Book which just gives a brief overview about how babies are made, I really like it -- nothing sexual, just some brief mechanics -- and because it also goes over other stuff like how you digest your food, etc -- it seems more like a physiology lesson, rather than something to be uncomfortable with).

So, Drew went over a little more of the mechanics of it all. Conner has also known from a very young age that there are serious consequences for miss-using the power to make babies. I've delivered a handful of 14 year olds, and have seen one 13 year old -- and I have friends who've delivered 12 year olds. I think he was like 3 and he said "was the 14 year old married?", and we then had the talk about how everyone makes decisions and that girl and boy made a very bad one. I then went on to discuss about how you can make the decision to make a baby before you're married, but it's not a smart one and in our family we only make babies once we're married because that is best for both us and the baby.

Of course, Laura Behrman went too far, as she always does. Of course, sex is her life.

I think the main conversation those moms need to have with their daughters (and with a little vagina growing inside me, I'm already trying to think about ways to ingrain these ideas in her) is that it's not about the sex. It's about what an amazing woman/girl they are, and if the boy can't see that then they're not worth the time you'd provide to pleasure them. I think I have a fairly high self esteem, but without my church background I think I would've gone/done almost anything to get a boy's attention for a few brief years in my life. Thankfully, I had a support system. And now look at me, all knocked up and home alone (Drew's at trombone choir).

Maybe if Laura Behrman's mom would've taught her that she could spend a little less time on herself {eh, hem} and a little more time making a difference in the world, building a family (does she have kids?) or building relationships with those around us that don't revolve around good vibrations.

On a completely different note I have friends who are facinated that I didn't have sex until I was married, that I didn't have a "test drive" and personally I'm thinking there were other things I'd rather have test drove -- his ability to balance the checkbook, his cleaning skills, his ability to withstand a VERY ornry woman with VERY large ankles. Yeesh, priorities people. :)

Report Cards on life

This morning I told Conner that if I gave him a report card about his table manners he would be failing. Then I told him he could feel free to grade me now.

Here is his response:
Making dinner: A+
Patience: this is what Conner did: "A... and then looked away." (he knows better than to embitter me at breakfast)

We're going to instate family movie night, because going out to dinner isn't going to be as much of an option with a newborn and I think I want to expose my kids to all the great children's movies that are out there (and I said that Drew and I were the only ones that could pick animated films -- sometimes I think their lives are so consumed by Disney/Dreamworks that they're unable to see all the other movies out there -- like, we watched "Secondhand Lions" together a few weeks ago -- it was a big hit with all of us), and it's a nice cheap way to do it. ANYWAY, I was thinking maybe we could kind of do report cards for all of us at dinner before the movie. Maybe think of some areas for the kids and they could think of areas for the adults.

Any ideas for areas of grading?

In other news I went to Ross today. I actually found most everything on my list (except for a mirror so that I can see the baby when she's rear facing -- do I really need one of those?). It was a Ross miracle. I also found some Robeez Tredz for 9 bucks -- which were not on my list but were exceedingly cheap and cute. Feel THAT joy.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Homework -- yay, or nay

Found an interesting website:
Stop Homework
So, what do you think?
I'm torn -- I appreciate that he's learning to buckle down and get on his work before he goes to play. But honestly, there are nights with no play, and that's not cool either.
I mean, I hear people say he's going to have it the rest of his life -- but if that's our excuse, why don't we make him put on a suit and tie every day?

Dishwasher Economics

Drew comes home

Dishwasher comes

I run-off to school site council (D stays home with S -- feel the joy)

I call Drew when I get to school to remind him not to sign for it if ANYTHING is wrong.

Drew says, "I didn't know we got a white one -- and the buttons are on top?"

Me: "That's not our dishwasher."

Phewsh, they pulled the wrong one off the truck.

Installed appropriate one. We ran a rinse cycle on it yesterday. I literally had to mute the TV to hear it. Our other one had a nice 1/8" piece of foam surrounding it -- Drew says this one is encased in insulation. Ahhh, even more joy to be felt. I have yet to wash with it.

However, I have a question for you and your silverware. Do you put it in the dishwasher with the used part facing up, or the handle facing up? YOU, you, reading my blog -- comment. Drew says they get cleaner if they do it that way (and our utensil baskets have these little covers that make it so you can just slide each handle into a slot)... and I say it's gross to have to touch the tops of the utensils when you get it out. What do YOU think?

Also, because of my obsessive compuslive nature I'm trying to figure out the best way to load everything into the dishwasher. This one has fancy stuff like fold-down tines, extra little shelves to pull down, and the top drawer adjusts.

Seriously. So fancy.

Oh and we got the car. It wasn't the "worse case scenario" -- it was 30 bucks cheaper. Wow. I guess every 30 bucks counts, right? I'm sure you're all wondering what on EARTH did we do to the car? Well, here's just a little list -- the air flow-sensor-or-something-like-that had to be replaced, we had an oil leak, so he fixed that (but didn't have to replace the oil pump), timing belt, front brakes, new spark plugs, transmission flush, I think that's it. I told Drew to make sure diamonds weren't coming out the exhaust pipe -- and if they were, please be sure and catch them.

I don't think he found me amusing.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Oprah from Yesterday

I just finished watching Oprah from yesterday.

I have mixed feelings.

I think that most of the moms who are on there are mom bloggers who make a fair amount of money at their children's expense -- not that I don't have a funny child story or two -- but I know they're expounding on the trials of motherhood, for the love of the filthy lucre.

I think that most of these moms were working a lot before having a baby, and are having the inner struggle of giving that up to stay at home. Being raised LDS I figured this was what my life would be like. I also had a mother who showed me how to do it all (and by it all -- I don't mean work and have kids -- I mean parent, clean your house and make dinner), and not end-up using duct tape and napkins to diaper my child.

Anyway, sadly I think this was an episode that boiled back to the working vs non-working moms. While I don't find myself in any particular camp I think I tend to think I'm a non-working mom. I don't think you can fool yourself into thinking you can do it all, and you definitely can't fool your kids.

And now I'm going to close my eyelids and drool on the keyboard.

After having some lunch... I was thinking that this episode of Oprah reminded me of John and Kate plus 8, vs. the Table for 12 mom. I feel like John and Kate are just trying to get through their lives, and acting like it is SO difficult for them (btw, I saw that they might be having marriage troubles, that's ver sad if true). The lady on table for 12 (2 sets of twins and sextuplets, one of whom is disabled) just seems to love her life. She really enjoys being the mother and while her life is complete insanity I think she really loves what she's doing. It's quite a comparison if you watch both shows. Maybe that's a blog for another day.

It's Naptime Already

Ahh... the bliss of being alone. Both kids are at their respective schools and I have an entire hour and fifteen minutes to myself.
All I want to do is sleep.
I don't remember being this tired last time. It just hit me yesterday. All the sudden I'm having to do my cardio video on the lowest level. I'm winded by walking into school. It's just so much fun I can't take it anymore.
In other news, the car's supposed to be done today (I guess 2200 is the "worst case scenario" -- depending on the extent of the oil leak, etc.) and the dishwasher's coming -- both at the same time. Not sure how we're going to handle all that, plus I have a meeting at school.
The rest of the time, I'll be sleeping. Or working on yearbook pages. Really -- I have to get that done.

In other news, did anyone watch Oprah from yesterday? I only saw about 15 minutes so far -- not really sure how I feel about it. I mean, I'm all for being realistic about motherhood -- but some of those women seem genuinely unhappy. I will watch the whole thing and post thoughts later. Or, I will be napping. Either one.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Last week I really over-did it when it came to dinners. I was really hurting by the time I was done, so this week is all about simplicity.
  • Mexican: Sausage Tacos
  • Pasta: Spaghetti
  • Kids Pork and Beans Casserole (we've had this before, but I think I will use cheddar instead of moz.) BTW -- kids love this stuff!
  • Sandwiches: Roast Beef sandwich
  • Chicken: Marinate it in something and grill it
  • Other: Chili chips and cheese
In other news I ate too many cinnamon rolls yesterday. The whole glucose intolerance thing is rearing its very ugly head today.


News from Mr. Fix-it
$2200 dollars of news.
Basically, it was a miracle it still ran.
Nice to get it fixed.
Sad to see my savings dwindle.
Trying to focus on the fixed part.
Trying REALLY hard. :)

A Decent Wag's Run

Had a decent Wag's run this AM -- here's what I got:

Colgate Total Advanced Whitening toothpaste 3.49 - .75 cent coupon (from the paper, I think last week) = 2.74 got back 3.50 in register rewards -- made like 75 cents.

Reach dental floss (somehow we're super low on dental floss -- and I found this out yesterday while doing cinnamon rolls) 2/5.00 - 3.50 prior register reward paid around 1.50 -- got back 2.50 in register rewards

Johnsons and Johnsons Baby was is 2/6.00 this week - minus 2.00 coupon (save 2 on 2) makes it 4.00 - used prior register reward paid 1.50'ish got back 1.00 in register rewards

Bought body wash and desitin, used 2.00 coupon totaled out to 4.00, used 1.00 register reward, paid 3 bucks and got back 1$ register reward for next time

So, in total I paid about 9 dollars (I think retail is around 28 for all that -- which I would never pay), with 1$ to use next time. Not bad -- and its' all stuff we'll use, however we're getting pretty stocked on toothpaste. If you follow the ads you can get TONS of toothpaste for free (or even make money like I did today).

For some reason the register was having some issue with the coupon and the register rewards on the baby stuff. I stood my ground though. FYI -- Walgreen's policy is only one coupon per item. I had 2 coupons, and 2 items, and the manager voided it out for me and made it work. But just so's you know. :)

In other news our car sits at the fix-it shop right now. Although a fast, cheap fix doesn't seem to be in the cards for our little green car I can hope. Right? Crossing my fingers...

Sunday, April 05, 2009

I Want Statistics

Today I mused out loud if there are more heart attacks on General Conference weekend than any other time of the year. Do you think there is? Or, perhaps we're all blessed with slick little arteries for being good boys and girls? (BTW, General Conference is for our entire church, and it is on TV -- hence, I watch it in my jammies and on the Sunday I always make cinnamon rolls, and we have those little sausages that are like hot dogs... seriously, it's a heart attack waiting to happen).

The cinnamon rolls were AMAZING though, this year. I made some delightful cream cheese frosting to go on them. I always do 2 batches -- one of cinnamon and one of orange rolls. I love them both so. Yum. And yes, they are totally not on my diet. Thanks for noticing that.

Between sessions we took Drew's car to the shop. On Friday he'd had some issues with it stalling on the way home, and lights coming on -- nothing good. He tried some oil, but that didn't particularly resolve it. So, to the shop we went where it will wait quietly for someone to see it tomorrow. I was trailing him in the van, and things were going great until we were about 2 blocks from the shop, when it started stalling. I couldn't find my emergency lights to save my soul -- but somehow we made it into the parking lot. Of course, it died for good when we got there (HUGE blessing -- amazing how that can happen) and Drew and I had to push it into a stall. And no, I didn't go into labor. I am guessing a picture would be helpful at this point -- but I didn't take any.

My apologies.

Please say a prayer for our car, that it's a quick, not too expensive fix. It's hard to complain since that car has been SO good to us over the years. But -- you know me, I'm a worrier. I guess I'll go pull some curls over it.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

ER: The Finale

I have to say, kind of disappointing. I guess they'd been saying "goodbye" the whole season -- but it would've been nicer to have all the "shockers" in the last episode (or at least more of them). I enjoyed how they tied Rachel Green into it though, since when Mark Green left the show pretty well went downhill.

Mostly, at the end, I just kept waiting for one of the ambulances to explode, or Carter to take a patient and it end-up being Benton -- or a Gorilla to fall from the sky, killing all of the staff.

You know, not so much "life goes on" but more like "ER's life goes on." Since there was never anything too weird for them. But, life does go on. And it's WAY past my bedtime. So I am also done for the day.
Nighty night!

Nobody Move, my pelvis is still intact

I literally had dreams about my pelvis being broken last night. I'm not sure what I did -- but it wasn't pretty. I could barely walk last night. The baby's not low enough to cause that kind of pain. It is possible for your pelvis to separate when you're pregnant, and I've heard that it's more painful than the baby coming out (and there's nothing you can do about it). Anyway -- today it's better, but I am taking it easy. Taking it easy doing what you might ask?

1. Went through the food storage this AM. Sometimes I don't think my family realizes what it takes to keep us stocked in their favorite goodies on my limited budget. In fact, I am fully aware they have no clue. Sometimes that really bothers me.
2. Adjusted the sprinkler system -- although, I wouldn't put this under the "taking it easy" sub-heading.
3. Crying over my seedlings that are all dying once we plant them. Really, I am that sad about it. Had to buy cantaloupe at OSH yesterday. Bitter.
4. Listening to conference, and crocheting around a baby blanket to use for someone's baby. Not my own, thanks so much.
5. Organized the changing table today.
6. Fantasizing about my new dishwasher.

Obviously, it's a very full day. :)

Friday, April 03, 2009

Me, today

Went to my doctor -- I'm 1 centimeter, and 50% effaced. Wow, all that in just over a week. Check me out. I'm not surprised. With my yoga and the contractions I have a night I'm sure it was doing something. Nothing particularly important -- but something. :)

Oh, and it's still a girl.

Nice of her to be so immodest right now.

I will have to change that right after delivery. She'll have her first morality talk right away.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

ER Retrospective

I just finished the ER retrospective (which, in fact, I was looking forward to more than the actual season finale, because I was such a HUGE fan of the early years -- in fact I felt like it's not fair to compare Nurse Hathaway with Sam -- I personally think she's in a whole other league).

You see those scenes, with the piano music in the background -- you know those 8 chords (btw, I think the show got worse when they got rid of the music -- who's idea was that?)... and the nurse is running down the hallway. I still feel like that. I feel like time stops, and there's background music and someone's life hangs in the balance.

I feel like ER was the show that said -- yeah, you're not the most caring person in the world -- but perhaps that's not what a nurse has to be, maybe she needs to be a girl with balls. Turns out, that was right.

I feel like ER gave a lot of people a glimpse into what life is like. The monotony of the every day and then something changes and it's all on your team.

I also found it amusing that they (I'm talking about the actors from the show here) talk like they are doctors, like they know what it's like to actually stand around a patient who's dying. They don't. Sometimes I wonder if they think being a doctor is just being able to say those words, throw needles around into people's chest. Sadly, there's a bit more...

Top 5 things I learned on ER:
1. It's always nice to tell someone "He's the attending, like Dr. Greene on ER -- and she's the resident, like Carter." And yes, I've had that conversation.
2. That you can use tampons and maxi pads to apply direct pressure (wasn't that a great episode where she's in the hold-up at the convenience store)
3. Stay away from the helicopter pad (most shocking moment: when that guy had his arm ripped off).
4. You might work with some of the most questionable people on earth, but when the scene is bad they will step up to the plate like no other, and you love them for that.
5. You are there, you are the only gratification you will get -- if that's not enough, you're in the wrong business.

Anyway, it's really hard for me to let this show go. It is by far and away my favorite medical show, and perhaps I'll have to write another entry on the season finale -- but that will have to be for another day -- for it's bedtime now. Suffice it to say that when they showed the scenes from when Anthony Edwards died, I was a mess. Man, that was THE saddest episode of TV, wasn't it? Goodbye ER. I will miss you (but frankly, you were in astystole for a few years -- and they kept shocking you, and we all know you don't shock asystole -- don't we?).

P.S. Guess who ruined dinner by cancelling the oven (and thereby turning it of) cooking my fancy America's Test Kitchen roasted chicken. I'll give you 3 guesses... {sigh} Really, it'll be nice when my brain floats back up to my head and out of my uterus -- in like a year from now.

Frugal Thoughts

Today, as I was re-packaging my chicken (on sale at Safeway this week, in case anyone else is low 1.99/pound) I thought of one of my best money savers -- use less meat.

WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING THESE CHICKENS? Their breasts are HUGE (I need to get me some of that!)!!!!! Anyway, just lately I've started only using 2 chicken breasts for dinner (prior to then I was using 3). I pound them out a bit (got a meat pounder for Christmas) and I split them into four. No one is compaining, and there's often leftovers.

I re-package my hamburger into approximately 3/4 pound packages. I still use this in recipes that call for a full pound. No one cares.

Anyway, it's a big money saver. I still like to have meat (and I think it's important for my kids, because they are tiny little things -- but we do go meatless usually once a week), but the cost can be prohibitive (although, less if it's on sale).

Go team.

Who wants a nap? I think I'm officially in the super tired end portion of pregnancy.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Make it Do

One of the big Mormon philosophies is "make it do, or do without" and while I feel a bit sheepish writing this entry after I screamed about getting my new dishwasher... I think it's a good thought for all of us. Also, something to carefully consider before you do make a purchase -- is there any way to make it do? For us, on the dishwasher -- yes, we could've made do -- but it only would've lasted a few months, and we'd be doing without. And heavens knows you don't want to see ME doing without a dishwasher with a new baby.

For instance, for SO long I've felt that things I stored needed to be stored in plastic boxes. Incurring both the expense for the plastic box, as well as creating the need for more plastic to be made (and kill our earth -- thank you Al Gore). In reality, we have a lot of really sturdy cardboard boxes that can easily be made use of. So, that's what I did. It's working, and honestly -- if those ever go bad I know where I can find some more of them. :) I think I just got caught-up in how pretty the plastic boxes are. And for some things, they really are important (food items)-- but to hold our kites, or outdoor toys, canteens, etc. that we store in the garage -- the low tech approach is doable.

The other thing is to know what you have so you can use it. I've had a GIANT thing of oxyclean in my garage for a LONG time -- but because of where it was located and how hard it was to pull down I didn't use it. So, when I cleaned-up the garage I made it useable. I found a smaller container (yes, it was plastic) that I could pour some in to sit by my washing machine. Find the things around your house that you have, and find a better way to use them.

Anyway, that's my thoughts for the day. Have you guys ever re-purposed something? I'd love to hear if you have good stories.

Also wanted to say I know why our nation is in bankruptcy -- does anyone else besides me pay their taxes right? Yeesh, I'm sick of all these cabinet appointees and their mistakes. {shaking head}


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