Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just in

Just posted again on the weight loss blog (link on the right now).  I'd love to have more contributors, or you're welcome to contribute just by posting comments.  Either way.  Last night I did a great job at weight loss by having a giant migraine and throwing-up instead of eating.  Perhaps bulemia is the way to go... {kidding, I did that with my roommate, not so fun, not so delightfully smelly}
P.S.  In order to add you as a contributor I apparently need your actual email address.  I'd love lots of different viewpoints, so please email me -- or comment with your email address. :)

Things You'd Never Do

Ok, here's the countdown of things I really said I'd NEVER do and did this year. 
1.  Let Santa bring my kids a wii
2.  Bought a wheat grinder
3.  Composting
4.  Excessive canned storage with labels and an extensive shelf life
5.  Bins for wheat.

You know, when you're young you say you'll never do drugs, or have premarital sex....

Really, I should've made some other vows.  The other day as I was re-filling my water tank so I could have easier acess to my compost bin (don't forget you have to empty your water tank in order to be able to refill it) I wondered what happened to me.  I know this blog has had lots of me complaining about who I've become but sometimes you just have to embrace it.  Or, think of ways to make your husband turn the compost....

Monday, December 28, 2009

That's IT

Last night as I was seeing the bottom of our toilet in a very intimate way I decided that is it.  I need to eat better.  I need to treat my body like I treat my furnace (or, I will treat my furnace, when we finally get it!).  I keep a filter on that, I only feed it good things, and what do I do to the thing keeping me ALIVE?  I feed it chocolate, and fat, and delicious happiness.  Only it doesn't provide delicious happiness, it provides a large butt.

Anyway, after talking with my friend Lara, we decided that as kitchy as weight loss blog is, we need the support of our friends, and most importantly our husbands.  Drew could stand to lose a few pounds, and I think we saw each other sacrificing we'd be more willing to play wii instead of sit on the couch and eat chips with ranch dressing (Drew's favorite, and yes -- I am serious). 

So, I made a new little blog:

It's classy, I know. 
But somtimes being fat isn't super classy either.
If I'm skinny I will re-name it to "We are all skinny, check us out!" (and yes, I did just claim -- because we will succeed)

We'd love some more contributors, but I will be posting in hopes that people support me and provide constructive criticism when necessary.  If you can't take people saying, "HILARY WHY DID YOU EAT 4 DOZEN ECLAIRS, NO WONDER YOU ARE FAT."  Perhaps just commenting would be best for now.  :) 
Please email me (link at the right) if you're interested and I'll add you.  Or I'll try and figure out HOW to add you. :)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Holidays through Jesus

Reading Jesus the Christ does put the holidays in perspective.  I think it's something I might try again.  Maybe I need a year off....

We were at our Bethelehem the other night (which is super cool -- they added a fire dancer to the camels, goats and "real" angel) and I saw ALL these people lined up to go in, and I wondered where the throngs of people were to save Him.  I wondered how they let it happen.  Sometimes I wonder why He could let my furnace die....

And although they are completely different levels, the answer is the same:

Because He had to.  Jesus had to die for us.  And while plenty of people betrayed him, and were unable to stop it it's all because he had to do it.

Sometimes when I wonder why God doesn't stop the trials in my life, I think we all need to look to the brightest star, and remember that He has to let us go through things. 

The amazing part is that we have a companion to go through it all with us.  I'm so lucky to know Him.  Just, so very lucky.

*I will most likely have a house cave-in after writing this blog.  It's just something I had to say.  I will have my eyes peeled for the fires of hell to engulf me for my testimony.  I never learn....

Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Reason for the Season

I spent a good 1/2 an hour writing the flyer for our classroom "Holiday" party.  What did I learn from this time well-spent?


Hmm... how would Jesus write the flyer?  Frankly, I'm not sure.  I'm pretty sure that he would talk-up Christmas.  After all, his name's in it.  Christ wasn't about being PC.  I think that's something I found myself having the hardest time with while I read my scriptures.  BUT, no one was PC at the time.  Imagine how popular I would have been....

However, I was left to the joy of offending no one.  I think I did pretty well.  I spent some quality time with the clip-art until I found one of a mitten.  Our party did build community spirit, which is what it's supposed to do.  One of the parents also brought a pinata, and while I was pretty nervous about someONE getting wacked, instead of that thing... it all went really well, and the kids LOVED it.

I guess in that act I learned a lot of things.
1.  Diversity is great.  No one would've brought a pinata to my class party.  All porcelin-white faces staring up at the teacher singing Silent Night...
2.  Let's pretend that a Jewish kid did go to my school... they'd feel left out.  I doubt Jesus would want that.  He was definitely inclusive, that's for sure.
3.  Kindergarteners can follow directions when threats of possible violence and loss of candy are inflicted. :)
4.  I also learned that it's AOK to talk up the menorah, but there's no way in heck a teacher's going to bring in a baby Jesus.  I find myself being OK with it though.  I appreciate that someone's traditions are being shared, and since Spencer gets plenty of Jesus talk at home, I'm glad he knows that Jonathan is going to light a candle each night.  I honestly thought a Monorah was a Christian tradition, when I was little.  fo real.  I am also ammused how traditions are mixed-up at school.  "Mom, when Hannakah is over, they have a festival called Kwanza."  "Um, no."
5.  Diversity is how the world is made, and we are sent here to make our own choices and it's not our job to judge people or turn them into ourselves.  It's our job to share the light of Christ and love them.  Does it make me sad when I hear about my wasatch-front neices and nephews being able to sing Silent night at school, or call it Christmas break... a little.  But I find our own perks, they are plentiful.

OH, and to stand back when someone is wacking the pinata.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!

Here's the bad news, if you haven't gotten a card from me yet, you ain't gonna get one.

My apologies.

Here's the good news, I'm posting it here. The even better news is that if you email me your address, perhaps you can get on next year's list!

Neverland seemed to more than just a Halloween theme for us…

On April 29th embarked into our personal NEVERland by having our third child. Her name is P (actual name included here). We NEVER thought we’d have 3… although, having 3 makes me want to sprinkle fairy dust on myself and fly away (although sometimes we would have problems thinking of a wonderful thought). We love her to pieces, and by some miracle, she is not ACTUALLY in pieces (yet, knock on wood). She’s a great sleeper, smiler and tolerates Hilary adding bows and flowers to her excessive wardrobe.

Drew took an entire 2 weeks off of school for the arrival of our sweet P. He also has had a great year playing Cub Scout Dad fulfilling his forever-long calling as Ward Choir Director, enjoying the kids in music at school, and loving his new little girl.

Conner has had several visits to Neverland. He’s never going to tie his shoes, never going to keep a jacket more than a month, and never remembers his homework. In his spare time, he is in Math Olympiad (a competitive math group at school – and yes, I am serious on this one… but wait, there’s more) and FSEA (Future Scientists and Engineers of America – really, let’s just put tape on his glasses now). He is also playing the trumpet in band and is looking to buy suspenders to pull his pants up to his nipple line.

Spencer {sigh} is growing up. We never thought he’d make it, but this year Spencer is in Kindergarten. He is absolutely loving showing off all his sweet skills and in a truly un-Erickson fashion is able to complete the monkey bars entirely on his own. In his spare time he likes to play, bother his brother, be bothered by his brother and make goofy noises at P.

Hilary has enjoyed some quality time off of work from our new little addition. She was able to split her family leave and take a portion during marching band. Prior to having the baby Hilary birthed several kidney stones & grew her legs to the size of tree trunks. On a rather embarrassing note, Hilary bought a wheat grinder and while her calling and election is now made sure she is embarrassed to show her face in public. Perhaps Drew can buy her a burka for Christmas. I’m not sure what I can wear to France….

This year has brought us amazing blessings, and for this we can only thank our Savior, and are happy for the time we get to celebrate His life & birth. We are so grateful for the roll he has in our lives. We hope he has blessed you in similar ways. With all our love.

Here's to a very merry Christmas for all of you. May we all be safe and happy this holiday season!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Breaks in Threes

Turns out everyone's right. They kept saying "gosh Hilary -- it's too
bad your washer and your furnace have both died, but you know they go
in threes."
Well, boo -- turns out #3 is P's eardrum. Found it all bloody and
disgusting this afternoon. She'd been a little ornry, but not much...
I mean, there are like 9 things we could also attribute fussiness
So, the three are done, it's time for sunshine and roses now, right?
Perhaps money falling from heaven like Manna?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Any News is Good News

We had the chruch's PR people come talk to us (we have people in our area who are "called"* to do area Public Relations -- they're not a firm, just regular church people, who most likely know a thing or two about PR, and I stress "most likely").

They just talked about how low of a "likeability" factor our church has.  I was really taken aback.  I apparently live in a dream world.  Among US religions we rank right above Muslims for likeability.  Everyone else comes before us.  {sigh}  I just want to be liked, is that so much to ask?

The church feels that a large part of this is because people feel our church to be "mysterious".  Most people say they don't know a Mormon, but chances are that they do.  You know me... am I mysterious (although, I'm guessing at least 1 in 4 people who read this blog are LDS)?

Anyway, that's not what this blog is really about.  They said that any publicity is good publicity.  I was really taken aback by this.  Yes, I think news stories about our religion are generally good, and people sharing that they're LDS with their co-workers and neighbors is great.  However, I just wasn't a fan of the publicity around Prop 8.  I guess good things have come from it, but I can't feel like it's all a great thing.

Anyway, what do you think.  Do you think that guy who most likely killed his wife in West Valley... if he's LDS, isn't that great.  We'll get a lot of talk time on the news....

I did, however, like this.  I think we need to be able to laugh at ourselves, although you KNOW if they did this about jews or catholics they'd have to apologize the next night.  If anything people know we can take a joke -- because everyone likes to make them.

Oh, and Orrin Hatch... wow.

*Callings in our church are jobs that you are willing to accept for a period of time.  No one in our church is paid for any of these positions.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Word on the playground, there is a jacket thief loose at school.
Wonder if they'll recover anything from his nasty little hideout....

Guess who needs a new heater.
Merry Christmas to us....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Gone....

Jacket that Conner spent 3 hours of hard labor on has disappeared.  And yes, I am serious.

I have NO idea how it could have though, I'm ON him when he gets home about if he has his jacket.  I think the problem might have been that he had that on under another jacket and then lost it, and I didn't notice because I just thought he had one jacket on.

I have asked him where he takes it off, where he thinks he loses them.  He's in total denial that it ever even happens...  I think in his head there's a giant jacket monster that comes and gobbles them up.

So, what do I do?  Let him go cold?  Give him one of Spencer's (who has like 5)?  Make him buy them on his own with his 2 dollars of allowance?

I just dunno....

In other news our heater is broken.  We keep having to hit the reset.  Mr Fix-it coming out today.  I hope he remembers his jacket...

Really, why can't my life be perfect?  Is it all THAT much to ask?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm a party girl.  I am not a huge fan of parties at my house, but I tolerate them.  I wish my house was bigger, mostly my kitchen -- it's just so small.... I do enjoy girls night, mostly at restaurants.

So, I send a lot of evites and it never fails to surprise me.

That's right, who does/doesn't RSVP.  Especially on evite -- it's so easy, it even sends you reminders and you still don't respond.

Now, most of my stuff is pretty casual.  I don't really need a firm head count, although it's embarassing to head to a restaurant and give them a count of 10 and only have 5 or so come.  I feel like I'm cheating the restaurant.

I have found that almost 90% of the time the "maybes" are no (esp. if they're still maybes a day or two before the event).  I've stopped counting the maybe's.  Just to save myself the guilt from the restaurant.  I get keeping it lose up til' the event, but the day before you should have a pretty good idea what's going to happen.

This isn't to say that things don't come-up.  Kids get sick, you get sick -- that's totally normal.  I'm always so touched when someone actually calls me to say they RSVP'd yes but they can't becuase of one of the above reasons.

Maybe that's what it is.  You just want to be aknowledged.  You just want to know they got it and they're happy to be included.

Maybe I just want coffee cake...

Either way, why don't you RSVP?  Do you think that manners are a lost art?  Do you think I should stop inviting people places?  Would you, as a party thrower, stop inviting people who don't RSVP or keep themselves in the maybe category all the time?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Trumpet Found (right where he SWORE it would not be, how odd).


Blogging is on the back burner, and frankly -- all 4 burners are on right now and we all know that makes water boil awfully slow -- especially on my un-fancy stove...

Anyway, just trying to soak in all the joy, the fact that my tailbone is hurting less and give a little extra of myself during the holiday season.

We did a Books for Babies drive at school yesterday and I was able to help out.  Kids donate old gently loved books from home, and then some of the less-fortunate kids get to come buy and pick them out for themselves as well as younger siblings.  IT's a GREAT idea.  The look of joy on those kids faces.  Plus, it encourages reading.

What a happy thing.

Just keepin' it Merry. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


WHY do I post beliefs of Christ online.
  • watch broke
  • umbrella broke
  • C lost his trumpet
Fo real.
Satan hates me, it's totally true.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Scary Stuff

Just saw this story that Mrs. Duggar had to have an emergency C-section.

Scary stuff, I must say.  If she came into our hospital, I know we'd all be drawing straws about who was gonna get her.  She's an OB emergency waiting to happen....

The problem is, I like this family, I think they have great values and they're raising kids.  I'm not sure what their position will be if they think tis' best she not have any more.  It will be interesting to see how it palys out.  I know it's a tough decision for a lot of people, myself included.

My butt could tell you stories.....

I'll say a little prayer for them.  They try hard, and I know that's all God expects of us...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jesus is the Christ

I did it!  I finally finished it, and on the DAY it was supposed to be done, no less.  Let's just say I'm proud.  I was caught-up and for the most part I've enjoyed it.  Some overiding themes for me:

1.  It is difficult, for me, to obtain a love of the Savior by just reading the New Testament.  I think just because of the language they use, and some of the customs of their day I somehow am just turned off by it, but as I begin to consider His actions, his love for "the one" I slowly melt and realize the beauty of his life.  He was such a great example of triumph over adversity, of living through trials, and loving those around him. 

2.  I have enjoyed reading this chronologically, and more quickly.  It's been like reading a novel of his life.  First, reading the scripture, and following it up with Jesus the Christ which gets more in depth tells more of the whole situation.  I find Jesus to be a character.  I know it's an awful comparison, but as you read the Twilight series you know exactly how Bella is going to act because she is a young, whiny girl.  As I go through life now I have a better understanding of what Christ would do, how he cares for people on a complete level.  He cares for their complete selves -- the self they are now, the one they were before they came to earth and the life they will live after.  I find myself looking for ways to help "the one" and serve them in my life.  I had an amazing experience doing this on Saturday at work, and I know that God loves each and every one of us.  He wants us to be happy, and it's us to us to act as angels to help those around us.  It's hard not to feel like every single thing you're doing is wrong, but all you can do is pray that it's what they need, and try.  That's all anyone wants.

3.  "The One" -- I think this has been by FAR the biggest concept for me.  Jesus helped people, one at a time.  Sure, he gave sermons and he said a lot of great things, but his greatest work was done one by one.  I find such a kinship to my own job.  I am helping one mom, one baby, one family.  Even at home, helping one Conner, one Spencer one P or even one Drew.  Not to mention friendships and all of that.  The greatest work on earth is done one at a time.  What an example.

4.  I found myself jealous of the people in the scriptures.  To walk and talk with Jesus.  To be his FRIEND.  Imagine.  Not that I don't feel a realtionship with him, but I'm not sure I'd describe it as a friendship.  However, we had a really great talk at our enrichment by one of the sisters about how our main goal is a close friendship with Him.  I do have a strong belief that we can see Him if we are faithful enough.  Even if that's not until we die, so be it.  I want to build on our relationship, I know the reading has helped but it just makes me crave more.

5.  The denial.  Imagine what it was like.  I know I said we give Judas a hard time, and frankly -- it's not ours to judge... but, WOW.  How would you feel, on both ends.  Judas as he reached Jesus in heaven, or Jesus as he felt the bitter pangs of someone loving money more than his Savior.  Wow.  Ouch is really the only word I can think of.

6.  He gets us.  At that same enrichment* (I know, it's not called enrichment anymore -- sue me) my friend read a quote talking about how MUCH Jesus gets us.  How he gets us when we're frustrated with our kids, or have cancer, or we grab our kid before a speeding car.  He gets all of that.  As you read of his life, he gets it not only because of the atonement but that he experience so MANY emotions during his time on earth.  I'm just so glad to have a friend who gets every. single. thing I go through.  He loves me, and I need to show my love for him.  He went through all that so he COULD "get" us.  Sometimes I think we go through hard things, as well, just to give us an experience to help someone else.  In some ways we can all be Saviors for others, but sacrificing in these ways.

Anyway, I'm really grateful that I was able to read it, that I somehow had the self-determination to keep caught-up with it and now kill myself during the first few chapters.  For those of you who try it, the first chapters are DOOZYS, and it gets better as you go along.  If anyone wants the reading I'm happy to try and get it for you.

*Enrichment is a monthly week-night activity the ladies of the ward are invited to.  We learn how to be better people at it, the topics vary.  This particular one was about Jesus, and the readings we've been doing.

The True Joys of Christmas

As exciting as the actual day is, there are so many other things to get excited about during this time.
  • When you put the labels for your Christmas cards in, and the mail merge and printing actually works.  That is VERY exciting.
  • When you get the mail.  December mail is much more exciting than any other time of the year -- don't you think?  As much as it costs to print and send Christmas cards, not to mention the time of designing them, sending them to the printer (btw, they look GREAT this year, just got them from Vista print -- quicker than I'd expected!), to get, you must give.  Heavens knows I want to get, get, get.  I LOVE Christmas cards from friends.
I hope to post some of the other great joys of the season... because there are many.  None of them involve a needle up my tailbone.  fyi.

TMI Thursday: The truth about Caudal Epidurals

I'm mostly writing this beacuse I couldn't find much online about it.  I'd like to have known a bit more about the procedure before it happened to me.

First off, I go the caudal epidural because of my consistant tailbone pain while sitting.  Church is almost unbearable (more than usual, if you can imagine!).  I've tried yoga and working out for the past 6 months with little relief, which is why I took it to a doctor.  We are treating it in 2 ways (my doctor is a spine doctor -- and yes, that's what they told me when I asked what kind of a doctor he is -- it seems like most of the people in there are complaining of back pain).

1.  Physical therapy.  I am lucky enough to have a physical therapist who is also trained in doing some osteopathic techniques.  She's seeing how well my spine moves and she's adjusted it a bit.  I also have some exercises to do to help my pelvic floor, which seems to be the root cause of all this fun.  Let's just say her finding my pelvic floor is not something I could even add to a TMI post.  I'm doing the stretching she's given me 2-3 times/day.  It's mostly streching out my hips, nothing too scary with the stretches.

2.  Caudal Steroid Epidural.  This is done by the "spine doctor" who I saw.  It's similar to the epidural you get in labor, but you're not already in a ton of pain, so you get the full effect.  You lay on your stomach, and they numb your skin and then place a  needle a fair ways in (all of this is done in your lower sacral area, and yes, I do mean your butt crack) and push dye (to visualize better -- this is all done under flouroscopy -- which is just an x-ray that can take several images while he's doing the procedure -- I did need to do a pregnancy test pior and thank GOODNESS it was negative), then some numbing medication, and then some steriod to help with inflamation in the joint.  I'm not going to lie.  It hurt.  He told me to tell him to stop if it was too painful, I've had kidney stones and I was JUST ABOUT to say STOP when it ended.  You're mostly feeling a LOT of pressure on your tailbone area because he's injecting a fair amount of fluid into a fairly small space, not to mention your tailbone's not a super flexible bone.  It was quick though, and I felt fine afterwards.  There was no IV, and I didn't even have to change into a gown.  I coudln't eat for 6 hours prior to the procedure, although I have no idea why.  I mean, if there was a possibility of aspiration you'd think they'd place an IV.... Last night I had a little numbness in my feet, and the injection area hurt.  Today I have a headache and the injection area is either painful or itching, depending on its mood.  I'm not supposed to lift anything more than 15 pounds (thankfully, P is a lightweight) for the next day or so.  Drew's actually taken the morning off {gasp} to help out.  Laundry's kind  of out, and he had boring meetings anyway.  I actually sent him to the grocery store.  May God be with him. :)  They say that the injected area will hurt more today, because the steriods will irritate it, and then slowly get better.  We shall see.

Anyway, there you go.  I hope it gives some info for someone else who's going in for a similar procedure.  He doesn't have high hopes for it, says it doesn't work all that often, but it was worth a shot.  If it works, and later stops working, I can get it again, or I can also do a different procedure but I get the feeling it's a bit more painful and more involved.  I'm hoping the combination of this and PT will do the trick.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

My Little Award Winner

Things are pretty crazy here, and I'm going in for my fancy epidural today.  Not sure how that's going to cause the rest of my life to spin out of control, but I HAVE to post about my little medal winner.

Spencer tied for walking the most laps of any of the other Kindergarten boys.  He did fourty laps, which is EIGHT MILES!!!!  I was SO surprised when I saw his lap card.  That's really not a very Erickson-like thing to do.  Especially Spencer, he's well-known for his whining when things get too hard.  However, he is SO proud of his medal.  They even inscribed their names on them, and it will be a happy memory for him.  I'm so proud of how he stuck to it, he's always been a winner in my book. 

I swear the middle child does get a rough lot in life.  Spencer has been SO good about getting himself up, and his jobs done.  He almost always hs everything done before I've even started his breakfast.  This is in stark contrast to his brother, but I try not to compare.  Let's just say the kid remembers his jacket, his homework and his smile almost every single day.  I'm so glad he's in our family.

Way to go Spencer!

Friday, December 04, 2009

A Pain in my BEHIND

Went into the phyiscal therapist today for my tailbone issues.  She said my pelvis is actually shifted, and she did some chiropractic things to kind of losen it up or something.  I do feel a bit better, and she gave me some exercises to try.  I'm excited to be on a road to something....
I'm still going to get the caudal epidural next week.
She said it's probably tied to my pelvic separation and my pelvic floor muscles.  It's all about the pelvic floor ladies...

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Timing of Trials

New washing machine is in place.
SO excited about it.
Drew and I have a philosophy that you either buy a good quality item, or you buy it used.  No need to buy low level appliances when Craigs List is calling your name... but Craig wasn't calling my name this time.  We have 3 kids, we need a new one.  And it was a first.

For, you see -- this is me when we bought our first washer/dryer:

We got the pair for 400 bucks from DI (Mormon Goodwill).  I was in HEAVEN.  We'd been going to the laundromat for almost the first 3 years of marriage and I was SO happy to have my very own set.  You see me pregnant here with Conner.  He's now 9.  The machine was an oldie when we bought it, but it lasted us well (the dryer died about 4 years ago).  It has been louder than a freight train lately during the spin cycle, but I didn't really care -- our washing machine is in the garage, and it still got the job done.  But, just last week we started seeing water coming from it, somewhere on the inside.  Drew and I did som searching, but the leak wasn't apparent and we slowly decided it was time to get another.

But NOW?

Yeesh, we've already spent our Christmas alotment, and gosh -- I could easily spend that money somewhere else, or keep it all nice and cozy in our savings account.
I went to the store.  Actually, I went to 3 stores. 
  • Home depot was totally useless.  Their appliance guy is NEVER in and it drives me absolutely insane.  The manager was like, "sorry".  I told him I was going to Sears.  He shrugged his shoulders.
  • Sears, the guy was nice but inflexible on pricing.  I did get a lot of good info.
  • While was at Home Depot I actually saw our bishop who said he gets most of his from Western Appliance, which is where I ended-up going.  They had better pricing than Sears, a lot of knowledge, and they could deliver it next day.  Hallelujah.
So, here's the good part.  Sometimes you wonder why, WHY NOW.  WHY ME?

Well, here's why now.  We obviously were going to need a new one sometime soon, and Drew and I had it on the back burner in our minds.  Right now, however there are some sweet deals from Black Friday AND there's a local 200$ rebate on high efficiency washers courtesy of the cash for appliances program.  Hence, we got a 1k washing machine, for 470, shipped and delivered.  Of course, it was 670 prior to rebates, but they're already sent in, and it's through PG&E and they usually pretty prompt.

Anyway, it's good to know that God has your back all the time.  I just wish he'd told me not to wear overalls in my pregnancy.  Man, that is a bad photo.  In my defense it was like 9 ba-zillion degrees in Utah that summer and we had just moved, and only had an A/C unit in the front room.  Of course, prior to that move we had no AC.

In other news, some questions about these fine front loaders:
1.  Where do you put oxy clean if you're also using liquid detergent?
2.  Do you use the pre-wash cycle?
3.  Do you get the extended warranty?  I opted not to because I hear they are a waste of money (I just pray that my tithing is warranty enough)... but it always makes me nervous.
3.  Do you have tips, other than to leave the door open so it doesn't get all moldy....


Ok, I hate blogs that do contests (not a contest every now and then, constant contests -- they are annoying).  I'm also not a big fan of advertising on your site but I was actually going to write a blog about doing my calendars and cards on the same site, and they just happened to have a widget that we can add (and frankly, I get $$ if you buy from them -- but that's not what it's all about).

I just bought the wall calendar (using my own photos, of course) and my Christmas cards, which I'm doing as postcards with our family letter on the back.  I've seen their stuff -- no, it's no mpix, but it's pretty good.  The site is like a dinosaur and not particularly easy to navigate, but I got through.  There's also a code out there for free shipping off 50$ orders (I had to order 6 dollars more, but ended-up saving like 17 bucks on shipping).  They also gave me a free mousepad.

All in all I got the calendar, the cards (100 of them -- front and back printed), a stamp, some family business cards (I think these are very cool when your kid has a playdate or whatnot), and some sticky notes for 56 bucks.  The calendars alone usually cost me 40'ish.  Anyway.  There you go.  Do with it as you will. :)  Widget's on the right, or click here.

Seven is Heaven

I slowly see my absolute favorite baby phase coming to a close.  She's up on her knees, she can scoot backwards, she's practicaly a real person.  She's tolerating solids pretty well (although, I swear fr the frew few bites she totally looks like my Grandpa Moore -- she gets this little sour look on her face).  Life goes on,

Let's face it, the girl's adorable!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Falling Apart

Going in for PT and an epidural with numbing/steriods for my tailbone next week.

Washing machine started leaking yesterday.  Bought a new one today.  Our other one is SO old, it's almost a part of the family.  It rocks like CRAZY when it's washing, but I may just miss it.  Until I see how my new front loader washes stuff.....

Got a Whirlpool...

Crossing my fingers.  It's so hard to read reviews online.  Seems like a few people get loser machines (which are annoying, but covered under the warranty) but they tend to sour everyone else.  Of course, they only give reviews when something goes bad.... I know THAT too well.

Oh, and our heater, we thought, had died on Sat.  Turns out it was just a reset button.  Thanks for the service call....


Never EVER feel like your life is just falling into place.

Really, don't.


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