Happy Thing

While putting in both a washing machine AND a new furnace in ONE MONTH is less than happy, there was one very happy thing.
The whole trip to Utah…
all 24 + hour in the car.


It was huge for me.  I’d even brought vicodin just in case, but I didn’t even need an ounce of it (except for the ginormous headache I got after the temple — just wait for that entry!).

I went back to my physical therapist who told me that my pelvic floor is back to “normal” and now I just need to do some gentle pilates-type exercises daily to try and strengthen all those muscles to keep it all tucked in and stregnthened.

I did ride on my Boppy (a breastfeeding pillow, leaving the opening in the rear), totally worked! 

Anyway, very happy.
Very, very happy about that.

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