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P hasn’t been sleeping much, and hence, I haven’t been sleeping much.  I suffer from an inability to fall back to sleep after I’m awake so that doesn’t really help either.  In the spin of all that I’ve started eating more, and too much, and I’m insane.  I keep thinking I can stick to “eating consciously” which, I think I could if I wasn’t tired and tired, and well… tired.

Today I looked at the scale and thought of ALL of the working out I’ve done lately and realized I’m done.  I’m joining weight watchers.  I’m betting my 53 bucks that I can stick to their point system. 

I did calorie counting about 2 years ago, and with little success.  I just coudln’t find a calorie at which I would lose weight.  At one point I was sticking to 1200 calories and not losing.  It was painful to say the very least. 

So, we will see.  I’m doing it online and I hope to spend 10 minutes each day rading through message boards and getting ideas from other members, and I plan to do a weekly post on my progress on my weight loss blog.  I also got Weight Watchers magazine at a good price.

I need to lose weight.  I’ve needed to, and I did it but I think that was at a point in my life where I coudl really “listen” to myself.  Now it’s time to say “this is what you get” and enjoy it. :)

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  1. Sarah says

    Oh man…being sleep-deprived just makes me crave sugar and junk like nothing else! You can do it though! I love love love WW–it totally worked for me and I plan to go back after the baby’s born! :)

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