TMI Tuesday: Emotional Problems

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Ok, TMI Tuesday makes a triumphant return, possibly to only show it’s little head when questions or asked or I think of something.


This time it’s about emotional problems, and most often depression.  This is brought my an article I read in the Ensign.  I don’t really get it. 


As some quick background, I was just steps away from thinking I needed to start taking something after I had Paige.  I wasn’t finding joy, I didn’t want to talk to friends.  Most of all I felt overwhelming sensations of panic without causation.  It was awful and I felt out of control.  After that experience I understood why people took prozac.  Then, I read that talk.  I guess it was talking about how you need to have enough “emotional” storage so you’re not bothering the bishop with every little thing.


Part of me worries that those who really need help don’t bother the bishop, so I found that article to take me aback a bit.


As I’m listening to it online I think I’m getting it a little more clearly.  Just that we need to withstand every little thing, and only use our church leaders to council us on bigger tradgedies.  It’s an interesting viewpoint that you can listen to here.  Did anyone else read the article and think (?)?


I do think that as a church we tend to think that by praying and looking to Christ we can fix everything, and I strongly believe that’s true, and also untrue.  I think a lot of depression could be solved by actually emmulating Christ.  I also think that there’s a fair number of cases that couldn’t be solved that way.  If I was still living with the overwhelming panic I would be a shell of what i am today.  I would have needed therapy and possibly medication.  However, it wouldn’t be my bishop that I’d have it with, that’s what a professional is for.


I am putting together a handout for a class I’m teaching at church.  I’m going through the different health screenings we should go through.  I felt strongly that depression needed to be on there, these are the symptoms that I came up with:

  • Feeling sad or hopless for much of the time
  • It can affect your concentration, memory, ability to make decisions. 
  • Changes in your eating and sleeping habits
  • Loss of interest in things you have enjoyed in the past.

Then, I was watching Desperate Housewives where the wives gather around the one who needed help.  It’s our job to assess friends for emotional problems and when we feel like just talking it out with us isn’t going to be enough, to refer them to someone who can really help.  Also helping them once the therapy is initiated.  We can be a huge help in someone’s recovery, I believe.

Until you’ve felt it you can’t really understand what it’s like.  I know I was like that, but it is just as much of a pain as strep through, and it requires therapy, just like another disease.  But, like anything else the sun shines brighter once you have seen the dark.

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  1. says

    I really didn’t like that article, and then I felt evil for feeling that way.

    I don’t really struggle with major depression, other than SAD, so I am struggling with it a little bit right now. It’s hard. I do understand handing it to the Lord, but I believe that our mental health is just as real as our physical health. We have doctors for broken arms, we shouldn’t feel bad about having a doctor for persistent depression.

    But then, I always find Elder Packer’s viewpoints difficult to swallow. I’m working on it. :)

  2. says

    Okay that article is excerpts from 1978-maybe a bit more controversial now But I do know Brandon puts a real emphasis on self-reliance in all respects in the ward. NOT that people shouldn’t seek counsel but just some of that counsel is definitely out of his realm. Or they seek him to give them a quick fix when they do not attend class on Sunday (sit in the foyer) have not prayed for personal guidance nor nourished themselves with scripture.

  3. says

    I love what the Bringhurst Family said.

    When you read emotional problems I think we tend to think more large scale and if you read that article with that view point it doesn’t really address it properly. Depression is a very serious matter but as you said more often than not those that really need help often don’t seek it. I don’t know that a bishop is who could best help them anyway. If I have strept throat I don’t go to the bishop. Like you said that’s what a professional is for. A Bishop can maybe give referals.

    I think this article was for us to evaluate if what we are dealing with is something we can endure through with the Lord’s help first before running to the bishop. If not then by all means please reach to someone who can help.

  4. Janelle says

    THis might be a shock to some people but I suffer from severe depression. Yes part of it is genetic but I think that is a cop out. It is a constant struggle for me on some days but I do want to say that there are a lot of ways to treat it and yes becuase my husband is a chiropractor I have to say I am doing it without medication. Cold Laser Therapy does wonders, proper nutrition and excercise, great friends and supportive family and yes even with all of this there are still some days that are hard to get through but living with depression is a trial I am faced with while here on the earth and where else do I turn to when I have a trial but the Lord.

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