Why I Blame Laura for Making Me Cry in My Car Today

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A while ago, Lara wrote a great post on crying when she hears/sings music, and in her comments I taunted her mercilessly about how silly she is. :)

Flash forward to today.  I’m in my car.  I recently bought an MP3 player (well, Santa bought Drew one and found such a great deal, and shipping was kind of a lot in comparisson, he threw one in for me too… that Santa’s a dream), and Phantom of the Opera came up — tears started stinging my eyes.  I LOVED that musical in high school.  I played it endlessly, I saw it twice with my high school orchestra, one of those times was the first/only time I visited the Bay Area before we moved here.  Needless to say, I was a big fan of it.  I just thought back to all the good times I have surrounding it.  Then, came on a flute concerto I played many times back in high school.  Again, more stinging.  I wouldn’t call it a free flow of fluids, but just some stinging.  I’m not much of a crier.

Isn’t it amazing how songs take you back?  I guess I hadn’t noticed it until I got the MP3 player loaded.  I put ALL my old CD’s on it, and I love having them pop up and take me back to a time I loved them, or the movie I saw and what time period I was in at that time.  Lady in Red, Fields of Gold, Broken Stairway (which was my “song” when my “missionary” went into the MTC -blech!) — they’re all there.

Be it an old boyfriend, an old apartment, a time when we were just young and free — any of those.  What great memories music holds in our hearts.  I’m so glad I got my Fuze cheap on woot. :)  I mean, Santa got my fuze for me. :)

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    Totally agree. Songs creep in out of no where and help you remember something you might otherwise have forgotten. You know that song by Trisha Yearwood. “The Song Remembers When”…good song, so true.

  2. says

    I LOVE MP3 players for that very reason. I love just throwing it on Shuffle an it will range anywhere from Phantom OTH to Disturbed. The mix of emotions from each song is almost like a high. In the most good Mormon girl way of course :)

  3. says

    Ha! I realize I am a huge crier, but reading this makes me feel that much better about myself. :)

    I cry way too much when listening to music, and that’s why I don’t usually do it. Weird as that is.

    PS I sent you something in the mail. Let me know when you get it. It’s your Christmas present. I’m a rotten friend.

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