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Yesterday I gave a lesson at church.  It was on agency, the ability we have to choose for ourselves.  For me, as I researched it, it was an eye-opener in a way to share my beliefs with people who are put-off by all the things we “can’t” do.

In nursing school, our dean taught a good lesson on morality (it was an ethics class, so they didn’t just give us morality lessons.. but it was BYU).  So, you make the choice to have pre-marital sex, and what if you get pregnant.  If that happens, you have 3 options — abortion, adoption, or keeping the baby.  Those are your 3 options.  You will think about them day and night until the choice is made and then each choice will shape the person you will be.  If you make the choice not to have sex there are so many other options out there for you, you can easily ditch the boyfriend, you can go to a dance, you can finish college, you can have a career… but by that one choice you have totally limited the other options that you have.

The same can be said by the options I make regarding church:

1.  I don’t drink, to drugs or smoke.  By doing this I can’t become addicted to any of those substances, I am always free to do what I want rather than thinking about when I will be able to do one of those things next.  I’m free to have my head clear if my kids need me or I need to drive, or go to work.  I have more options by not doing any of those things.

2.  I go to church for 3 hours on Sunday.  And believe me, this is a biggie.  I have 3 kids and they come with (along with a husband, and a bagful of toys for P).  BUT, by doing this I am free to take that time to think about my life.  The things I’m doing well, the things I need to improve on.  I am a better person because I made that choice.  I’m free to be a better mom, friend, wife, daughter because I made that choice.

3.  I don’t watch R rated movies.  Frankly, I don’t watch any movies… maybe someday when I’m assured full nights sleep… but this frees me to watch other movies that are probably better for me anyway.  We were with friends a few weeks ago and he said, “But Hilary, you ARE R-rated… and I think he was saying stuff I talk about from work, and that sometimes I can be mildly shocking.”  It’s not to say that the r-rated stuff doesn’t float through my mind, that I’ve never sworn and let’s just say that after my job, no bloody scenes are gonna do much for me… but by making that choice I’m free-er.

Anyway, next time you’re set to make a big decision, maybe think about which option will give you more options.  You never know which decisions are going to be the “big” ones in your life, so you should handle them all with care. :)

P.S.  You can read about my weight loss adventure on my weight loss blog.  Good news this week!

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    I loved what our high council speaker shared on Sunday. He said if we have to try and learn everything for ourselves we will fail. Basically what he was saying is that sometimes we have to trust others when they tell us something isn’t good and not go and experience it and it’s harmful and limiting effects firsthand.

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    I know I commented on this the other day….and it’s not here.

    Just know I absolutely loved your post. You know what agency is, and SO many people just don’t get it.

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