In the End

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Yesterday at my grandpa’s funeral, I was thinking back on what his life boils down to.  Regardless of how people remember him, I do know that he left a family that just adores being together.  I had a wii party here with my cousins last night and we had such a great time, even though we span over a decade in ages.

I know many families who can’t do that.  There aren’t enough shared experiences, or joy that can hold them together.  We, perhaps, have too many shared experiences.  We can always bring up items from our childhood, and we all know what the other is talking about.

Our family motto is to have a “Happy Eteranal Family”.  In the end he has just that, all married in the temple, many served missions and all continue to go to church.  Regardless of the process, the end values seem to all be positive.

In other news, he had a 21 gun salute at his grave.  The Payson veterans were out and did a lovely job.  It made me consider joining the army.  Besides the 21 gun salute, I am fairly sure I’d lose some good weight too.

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  1. Jessie Moore says

    Hilary thank you so much for last night. It seriously was the best and I am SO glad that we were able to be together. Thank you for being my cousin and great example. Love you!

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