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I’ve never been away this long from the boys.  In the rush to buy my ticket I didn’t really consider what it would be like.  I will admit, my greedy little hands rubbed together at the thought of Drew making the lunches, and dealing with dinner and all the stress I usually get to endure… but I didn’t think much about me.

It’s been hard, and frankly — I don’t want to do this long from them any time soon (it’s been 5 nights and 6 days).  Drew and I have always dreamed of going on a cruise some day, but I’m not entirely sure that I could take it.

Honestly, the first 3 days or so was great, but yesterday the pining for home set in.  Maybe just a 3 day cruise.  Including travel to the boat and travel back.  Maybe we’d do better to just to a tour of the SF harbor….

We have a lot going on at home right now.  Conner just got the part of Willy Wonka in the school play, his science fair is tonight (and he had to make a presentation in class on it prior to today), Spencer’s birthday is on Wednesday (and let’s not forget the kid’s in Kindergarten, so that’s a pretty big hoopla moment).  I just feel like I’m out of control in that arena.  I know Drew’s been doing a good job, and I am SO blessed to have so many friends who have helped out while I was gone.

Anyway, I guess I really do like being a mom.  I sure do miss all my peeps back at home.  Excited to see them today.  Happy that we have next week off of school that we can do some serious family togetherness. :)

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    Hill…i’m sorry for your loss…even thought we know families are forever, it can still be difficult to lose someone we love so much.

    Have fun with the fam!!!! I am sure they missed you just as much (if not more). :)

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    I must be a horrible mom…I’ve left my kids for longer than a week a couple times.

    But I miss them terribly, and it always helps me to be a better mother when I get home. I think it’s good to recharge a bit.

    And since you’ve been home for several days now…I’m guessing you’re busy being an awesome mom!

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