No Pain, No Gain

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Back for round two of the Caudal Epidural.  I noticed while I was in UT the pain was starting to come back.  It’s not near as bad as before, but my doctor and I thought I’d get another injection and REALLY work with Lindsay Brinn on my pelvic floor and perhaps I can just kick this pain to “tolerable”.

Man, I forgot how much it hurts.  They’re just injecting fluid and steroids (which aren’t particularly nice fluids) in a very small space right by your tailbone. 

In order to do it they are guided via x-ray (flouroscopy, which is a fancy way to say lots of x-rays) to the right spot.  Hence, I had to take a pregnancy test last night.  Negative!  Phewsh!  I’m pretty sure my tailbone will just snap off next time, leaving a hunk of bone bore-ing its nasty little way out my butt.

Oops, we don’t say “butt” at our house.


I have felt a little weird all morning, so I mostly laid on the couch after it and played Mario and Sonic at the winter olympics.  It took me 50 minutes to beat King Boo at the Alpine Slalom event, but gosh dang it I did it.

And now I hear a baby.  Couple pounds more and she’d be over my lifting limit.  Good little skinny kid. :)

In other news, huge shouts-out to my friends who helped me get this done today.  I had plenty willing and while I just ended-up getting the appt. yesterday (it was either today or in a month) it all came off without a hitch.  Love them.  Blowing them large amounts of kisses (fat free, of course).

You’ve gotta have friends…. {and I do}

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