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I get really emotional (ok, as emotional as I get, which I can only feel inside my nose — but it’s emotion none-the-less, I’m just not much of a cry-er) when I see the torch relay.  I think it stems from many reason.

1.  It’s so inpsiring to see people so focused on something.  Conner and I have had some talks about how these people work REALLY hard on one thing, but in order to do that the rest of their life also needs to be organized as well.

2.  It’s bringing the world together, I love that.

3.  My uncle was planning the torch relay for SLC when he died.  I think my aunt then went and ran the torch and I loved listening to the stories of him running along with the torch testing the areas out.  My uncle was also amazingly good at so many things, one of which was being my uncle.

Then, my thoughts move to another line.  Life is so uncertain, there are just so few things that you “know”.  I live in fear every day hoping that P is still alive when I go in to get her out of her crib.  SIDS is awful and scary.

A couple of months ago we had a testimony in church by a girl who’s not a member.  She said that she had prayed about the things she’d been learning at church and after praying, she knew that the things she was learning were true.  Then she said, “isn’t it nice to know that something you’ve learned is true.”  It’s a simple phrase, but how often to we actually KNOW that something is true.  Not too often.  I think in order to know something, it has to be part of your soul.  Studies can show, experiences can enlighten but to really know.

Well, it is something special.

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    I’m coming off my computer fast and catching up on everythign I missed.

    I liked this blog. So true. It is nice to know something is true. Comforting, actually.

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