Blue Screen of Death

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I am typing this from my spare computer.  I’m just so glad I have one.
Real computer is staring at me with the blue screen of death.  I didn’t even do anything to it.  I was just looking at an HD camcorder, and WHAMO — blue screen.
Makes me glad I pulled off all the 2009 photos just recently and I backed-up as usual just last weekend.
Currently it is sitting in timeout, unplugged.  Maybe it just needs a break.
I feel guilty in that I was actually looking at a camcorder (which, I am actually not even in the market for) when I really should have been doing real stuff.  It’s God smiting me for wasting time.
I hope God fixes it while it’s in time out, otherwise we’ll get to wipe it clean AGAIN.
That always makes me nervous, annoyed and sad.  I need none of those things.  I know there are things I haven’t backed-up and I recently added all of my music to my windows media player.
It’s true.

This blog entry is so boring I think I will end it now.
Except to say that P has had a fever for going on 6 days now.  We’re off to the doctor soon.  I hope it’s nothing big, but with no real symptoms besides being hot and moderately ornry… who knows!?

I think everything must be broken in this house.

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    My baby had a fever (102 to 103) for four and a half days, and then it went away on its own. I avoided the doctor because it was over a weekend (started Thursday) even though they say bring them in after 48 hours. I think there are just some nasty bugs going around. He’s still had the accompanying cold for two weeks, but no more fever.

    I hope P is feeling better soon. And sorry about your computer. That stinks, and makes me want to back up all my photos today.

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