Four Favorites on Friday

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Do you have things that you just LOVE?  Well, I do.  I don’t want to go on and on about how much I love my family, but knife sharpeners… now, that’s something I can wax poetic on.

1)  Furi knife sharpener.  I got this like 2 Christmases ago, and I always mean to write and say how AMAZING it is.  Other knife sharpeners give me the willies, but this one is SO easy to use, and really does a nice job.  I swipe my knives through it probably monthly and they’re so much easier to use.  I HATE dull knives, and honestly I had just considered buying new ones until I got this.  Love it!
2)  I put Drew in a bit of a vice grip last Friday.  Sometimes a lady just has to yell… but Drew has been really great this week, super helpful.
3) This week I’ve been focusing on making sure the kitchen is clean BEFORE I start cooking.  Our kitchen is so small, and it’s a huge pain to have counter space being taken up by something else.  Anyway, it’s made making dinner a whole lot eaiser.  I’m the kind to normally just jump into the cooking, but I know it hurts me in the long run.
4)  My new shoes.  I decided I needed some solid shoes to take on an upcoming trip.  I LOVE them.  I feel so fancy with them on.  New shoes, they’re the fat girl’s friend (and I’m not buying new clothes until I’m at a stable weight… so shoes are my friend).  I do love my MJ’s. 
Happy Friday everyone!

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