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Ahhh, check out all the new bling on the blog.

After having a fight with my fax machine (which happens often) I finally have my blogher code! 

So, whatcha think?

I think they’re fine.  I doubt I’m gonna make a million dollars, but really — if I did, would that be so bad?  I’m sorry if you hate them.  I do like how they have ads for things that appeal to me — like Downy, who doesn’t like downy?  Not me, that’s for sure (although, I hear there’s a nasty build-up on your lint filter if you use it often… but I digress).

For those of you who are wondering, blogher is a group of women bloggers, you can join blog her, but it’s harder to get into their ad division.  If you’re looking for some further eye candy you can scroll down below the ad, and you’ll find some other blogs of a similar nature to mine (aka, crazy women — I still haven’t figured out which “group” I am in.

In other news, I haven’t worked in forever, and I’m starting to feel the ill effects.  My baby has had a fever in what seems like forever and I’m ready to have a shift change.  I’m also ready for a full night’s sleep.

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    Congrats! I think most people don’t even notice. You’ll have to notice how it affects your hits when one of your posts is featured under the ad (it will be weekly).

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