He’s fine

In all my complaining as of late about Conner I fail to mention he is an amazing kid.  Did I tell you all that he is staring as Willy Wonka in his school play.  I’m so excited for him.  He continues to accel in math, and writing.  He’s an amazing big brother to Paige and he has been pretty nice to Spencer while they are at the same school.

It’s just so hard to notice all of a person at once.

Especially when you’re so close to him.

I see the runing through the house, the jumping around while we’re at any location, the snapping (thank you, Drew), the forgetfulness… I do see the other stuff, it just doesn’t make me linger like problems do.

I see all of Conner and I love him.  Especially when he’s sitting still.  :)

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  1. says

    Of course he’s fine. I feel the same with one of mine that seems to give me the most stress. The whole package is a wonderful kid, the problem areas just seem to linger in the mind. It’s the squeaky wheel thing…

    I’ve met Conner, I think he’s a great kid. You’re a great mom so what else could he be?

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