Hey, I’m crafty…

P needs some new bibs.  I made some before she was born, they were pretty small and I knew they’d do for drooling and early solids… but now we’re messy!

I bought the cloth for an oilcloth bib…. but, then I got to think that maybe Oilcloth wasn’t what I wanted.  I will probably still make a couple of oilcloth ones… but I decided to make some dishtowel bibs, and boy are they cheap!  I bought ribbing, 1/4 yard of it and it was 1 dollar (I think this will make 6 or more bibs).  I bought 5 dishtowels for 4.99 at Ross… making them just over a dollar a bib.

I used this tutorial, except I made the neck a little smaller, and the ribbing a little smaller too.  Anyone who knows P knows that her neck is almost a broomstick.  :)  I think they’re gonna be super useable, and make for easy clean-up too.

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    I have made and used these bibs for all my kids. It’s a thing I would definitely put on a list of favorites. I hope you enjoy them.