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This morning on the news, all they could talk about was the kid that was on the radio at the airport controller’s desk.  I DO NOT CARE.  I am proud of a dad who takes his kid to work.  What a great way to see how your dad does it.  The kid was respectful and did everything right.  Shut up news.

What I do care about is Congressman Rangel gets a freaking BAHAMAS CRUISE from a lobbyist (and forgets to pay taxes on it) while I can’t even get a 50 cent pen from a drug rep.  You do realize that everyone in the medical profession is strictly not allowed to take tips, kick-backs from reps, anything of the sort.  You know, we wouldn’t want to seem unprofessional.  But congress can have insurance companies sitting in their back pocket, and that’s ok.

My new plan is to vote out EVERY, SINGLE INCOMBENT.  Every single one.  It’s not a life-long job.  I’m sick of you, you stink at your job and I want to fire you.

Are you sensing my bitterness?


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    I heard them complaining about it on The View this morning and couldn’t believe it. Seriously??!?! The kid’s dad was right there, telling him exactly what to say and would have immediately corrected him if he had said something wrong. They were saying “people’s lives were at stake…that was so wrong…” Please. Give me a break!

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