Taking a Moment

I feel like I have SO many days where money is like water, it’s just flying out of your fingers faster then you can catch it.

Today was an opposite day.

A rebate check came, our gas bill is lower, and we got a refund of some of our gas bill (all of that, thanks to the new heater).  I’m going to join blogher.  I got paid more then I thought I might (you never know what Mr. Tax man’s going to do to you).

Sometimes I feel like days like this never come, but they do.  I just know that I am always worried someone will snatch it all out from under me.  It’s not like we’re loaded wtih money… I just thought I’d take a moment to feel all those blessings.

You take the good, you take the bad….
Tell me, am I more a Natalie, Tootie or Joe.  I’m obviously not Blair…

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  1. says

    I say Jo. Not sure why, just because I don’t think you’re Natalie or Tootie.

    These days are nice to have, indeed. :)