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As I type this I’m taken back to my patriarchal blessing.

In it (and normally we don’t share portions of ours, but I just feel really impressed to right now) I was told that “My family will enjoy singing Praises to God.”  As I sit here Mr. Willy Wonka has branched out from “Imagination” and he and Drew are singing a duet of Bring the World His Truth.

I was 17 when I got my patriarchal blessing.  It was given by a man who didn’t know me well, and in it is several things that have come true.  It’s not like having your fortune told.  It’s like God, giving you glimpses of what you CAN be.  In this instance, I could and I did.  We do sing praises to our God.  Me and Mr. Music of a husband, who I didn’t even know at the time.

That song in particular brings a lot of thoughts to mind.

  • They sang it at my uncles funeral and I have always thought that he is sharing the truth, even in heaven.
  • One of my very best Young Women is awaiting to open her mission call this evening (good girl, waiting til’ all her family can hear!).  What a nerve-wracking thing.  I just want her to know how proud I am of her, to bring the world His truth… it’s an exciting thing.  I’d like to be her when I grow-up someday.

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    I’ve really been wanting to do more hymn singing/playing in our house. It’s a goal. You are giving me another extra nudge.

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