What’s Up Wednesday: Eleven Months Already!?

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Any minute she’ll be one, and you’ll hear the screams from the west and wondering what on earth could be wrong!  Why on earth can’t she stop getting bigger.  For heavens sake she can already CLAP!  Here’s our monthly photos.  I like that she’s starting to get agressive with Mr. Duck. :)

I can’t believe how big she’s getting.  Last week she just started turning into a little person who likes to play and be responded to.  She almost had a full-on tantrum today when I wouldn’t give her a piece of popcorn.  Perhaps this princess treatment has gone long enough.

I had to include a few from her easter dress.  OMG, so cute.  Love that thing, thanks to my friend Pili for having amazing taste at my baby shower (a year ago!).  I actuall had to put one of her standing up just to show you her cute legs and frilly socks.  Oh, how I love frilly socks….

This last one, although not the most adorable photo you’ve ever seen shows her “sniffy face” and the boys work endlessly to speak “sniff” with her.  She is highly amused.

Eleven months and quite a gal.

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    I love her sniffy face! My kids all did a similar face when they were little. It was more of a scrunched up nose and they squinted their eyes. We figured it is something they have seen me do. We have tried to capture it in photo, but to no success. So glad you captured her’s. What a great memory.

  2. says

    She’s freaking adorable! Of course.

    And, oh how you love frilly socks? Can I just say I told you so? Okay, I won’t, but…I told you so.

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