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Geeze Hilary, it sure does seem like gardening is taking up a lot of your life as of late.  WHY do you do it?
Great question, so glad I thought of it. :)

1.  I really like how gardening is a visual reminder of faith.  We plant seeds and plants just hoping that they’ll produce.  Of course, we put a lot of work into it, but it’s always a miracle when the little green heads appear, what a happy thing!

2.  Something has to go in, why not stuff that we eat.  I have a pretty little front yard patch, but in the backyard plants need to be tough and willing to resist a ball or 20 being kicked at them.  Vegetables normally are that type.  Also, we can eat them.  Here’s our plan for this year:  No, it’s not pretty, but it’s do-able.  We plan entirely on side part of our yard.  It’s not huge, and we need to save the REALLY AMAZING parts for running and kick balls.  Anyone noticing a theme about balls?  I am using a great square foot garden website, she’s super knowledgable, and helpful.

2.  It’s facinating.  What a great science expirement each summer.  My kids are always allowed to pick a “what the heck” item to grow just for fun.  This year we’re doing watermelons, and just for fun eggplant.  Right now, our raspberries are taking over where we planted spinach, but you live and learn, right?
3.  We live in CA — we might as well make use of the great weather, it sure isn’t making our mortgage payment on its own.
4.  GREAT work for kids.  Weeding, harvesting, all tha tjazz.  My kids can’t go out and earn a couple hundered, but they can pick plans for our dinner tonight (well, not tonight, but in a few months it could be that night).  That’s a job well done!
5.  We’re growing all organic.  Hello compost bin.  That means no pesticides (I may use some borax for ants, I will admit, I don’t think that’s uber organic but it should just stay in the bowl), or miracle gro, just the soil a bit of bone meal and my love.  Oh and sunshine.  Thank you California.

Anyway, I also have a little fear with all the crazy natural disaster issues we have as of late that produce may not be as easy to get one of these days, or at least increase in cost beyond what I am used to paying.  It’s just so nice to spend 30 bucks and get a whole summer’s bounty, and possibly a little freezer bounty too.  No, I don’t can.  Can’t can.  It’s true. :)  Crap, are they gonna kick me out of the church?

High hopes, low expectations.  That’s what it’s all about.

Oh, and it does make me REALLY happy to look out my sliding glass door and see.  If it’s not making me happy, I doubt I’d do it near as much.  I did NOT grow-up a green thumb, I HATED it and thought my grandpa was insane for all the work he put into his.  Look who’s in love with fancy garden gloves now…

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    I love gardening too, and I love drawing schematics of what I plan on planting. I never quite stick to it all, and usually end up planting a few surprises. My boy is 2, so enjoys carrying around “tools” and doing some digging. We’re planning on creating his own spot to grow whatever he wants next year.

    How many square feet do you end up with total? It looks like you have a good bit of yard space dedicated to it.

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