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Why on EARTH are you Mormon?

It takes so much time, it takes a lot of your money, it is restrictive… {blah, blah, blah}

BELIEVE ME, I have heard it ALL before.

Actually, I hadn’t heard much of it til’ I moved here, but now I hear it quite often.  I get it.  From the outside it looks like a church to stay far from, but it’s something I keep close to.


Well, it’s something I ask myself often.  It’s not fun to sit through 3 hours of church with my squirmy little one (who goes to nursery on halloween, btw).  Somehow, I still come out of it a more calm, happy, better human being.  As I was sitting in the car this AM I was thinking about how bright and sunny the world looks every Monday.  I feel like I can conquer everything, but then life gets darker and more dim each day, Fridays being the worst and the reason is being so filled with happiness on Sundays.

The most honest answer is that every single good decision I have ever made has been based on the teachings of the church.  The church teaches you to pray, to seek for your own answers to things.  Repetatively I have done that, and have found an amazing life far beyond what I had expected.

My best friends come from that church.  My best life happens when I follow that guidance of that church.  My best answers ti the questions my kids ask are aided by that church.

It’s just a happy thing.  A thing, that when you take the whole picture, actually requires very little.

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  1. says

    Great post Hil.

    We get these questions all the time and I just have to say that I don’t find the church to be restrictive. I actually find it quite liberating.

    I don’t have to be a slave to anything because the freedom I get from making the right choices is worth it.

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