A Word on Grocery Shopping

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I’m mostly posting this for my facebook peeps who are always like, “HOW DID YOU DO THAT” when I post my grocery savings.  It doesn’t fall in a gal’s lap, it takes work… and here’s my current process.  It’s refined every now and then.

**On Tuesdays I go through the ads, write down the things that our family buys that are on sale for Lucky, Savemart, and Safeway.

1.  Open a internet explorer window with slickd deals current safeway thread.  There are other websites out there that make it a little more readable, but slick deals often has the best deals correlated there.  I also participate, I don’t think it’s fair if you just take, take, take…. but I do plenty of taking as well.  I have a few other websites that post their deal match-ups but it’s often later in the week.

2.  Open http://www.cellfire.com/ and http://www.shortcuts.com/ and http://www.safeway.com/

3.  From the safeway website you can add Proctor and gamble coupons to your card, and you can also add coupons.com coupons to your card.  Open up all those links.

**These sites add coupons onto your safeway card.  All you have to do is scan your card, and the coupons come off.  Haha, endless clipping, screw you!  They can’t be used at Lucky or Savemart, boooooo

4.  Go through all the coupons all the 4 sites (cellfire, shortcuts, P&G, and coupons.com).  I do this weekly.  I add pretty much anything I’d ever buy.  You just never know.  Some of the sites do have limits to the # of coupons you can use from that site.

5.  Bring up printable grocery coupons on http://www.mypoints.com/ (because you also get points for all the coupons you end-up using).  Print out any that call to me.  I am less likely to print anything on this, and I mostly have my eye on what’s already on sale so I don’t end-up wasting ink.  That’s no fun for anyone!

6. While going through all this stuff i’m simultaneously scrolling through slickdeals to find out any great catalina deals or things I might have missed.

So, here’s the BEST way to get GREAT deals

In-store sale + e-coupons (from cellfire, etc.) + paper coupon + catalina ($ off your next order coupons printed at the check stand) = great savings

**The best thing about ecoupons is sometimes there’s a bunch of them out for the sam product, and by loading them onto your card weekly, you’re likely to get a few of them.  Here’s an example of how this works:

This week Safeway has cereal/granola bars in a buy 5 save 5 scenario.  Included in this are nature valley granola bars for 2.50
Price is 2.50 (buy 5, minus $1) – 1.20 in ecoupons – .40 e coupons = 10 cents MADE by buying them
2.50 – 1 – 1.20 -0.40 = -.10

Of course, I need to buy 5 items on this one, and i won’t make money on all of them, but I have some decent coupons for a lot of them so I’ll probably spend around 2-3 dollars on all 5 items.

Anway, the deals won’t fall in your lap, but I have it down to about a 45 minute process each week, between checking the ads, checking the boards and cutting coupons.

I figure it’s worth my time.  Time I mght be eating the delicious cookies I made yesterday instead. :)

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  1. says

    I used to pull up all the coupon websites and match the coupons myself and then I came across crazy coupon lady blog and they do a coupon match for safeway each week. which saves me a TON of time. Safeways has some pretty fab deals this week!

  2. says

    I found great coupon site-http://www.clickmycoupon.com/ here you can get printable coupons for groceries, cloth stores, pizza deliveries, beauty products, baby needs and many other printable coupons.

  3. Lina says

    Thanks Hilary for the tip.. I don’t know where the $1.20 came from tho.. I just bought 1 fruit roll up, 1 honey nut cherios, 1 lucky charm and 2 NV trail trail bars. I got 2x.55 off the cereal and 2x.40 off the granola bars. I didn’t get any e-coupon on the fruit roll up. I guess I was taking the wrong one. Anyway, where did you get the $1.20? So with the safeway sale on top of it all, I spent $5.60 on everything. (Saved 70%). I have never done this before. I have barely cut regular coupons. I’m so new. I need your coaching I guess. Thanks for the tip!. Oh, I also got 5 boxes of oatmeal squares. No e-coupons there, but with safeway sale they are only $1 each. Such a good deal! We love oatmeal squares. One more thing. Once I’ve used the coupon, is it automatically gone on the safeway account? Or can I use it more than once?

  4. says

    It is interesting to hear the different stores that are the local stores. We don’t have any of those stores where I live.

    I am always amazed how many people don’t compare prices and use coupons. I just grew up doing that with my mom. It does take some time and planning but so worth it.

    Now days there are so many sites devoted to ways to do this it can seem overwhelming. They key is to find what works for you and your area. I know for me I don’t use e-coupons a lot for the store in my area that does this is not one I shop at a lot. I do print out coupons, you just have to know if the store you use allows internet coupons, because not all of them do. I do shop the ads and price match at our local super store that allows this.

  5. Angela says

    Thanks for the info. I think I will try some of it. It seems like everyone is doing it and I just didn’t know how to start. I always seem to forget coupons (at home or in purse). It will be nice to have it on the card. Now if I can just remember to go to safeway.

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