Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool.

Just one of those days, ALREADY!  I was running around getting stuff done before school and I was putting P down and she did some wiggle move and her face hit the floor.  She was probably only 6 inches off the ground, but still... I felt awful.  Then, she started bleeding and the way the kids were screaming you'd think niagra falls was coming out of her mouth.  Turns out, her tooth cut!  FINALLY.  I thought it would be forever, but all it took was a simple fall.  Why didn't I think of that earlier?  Poor Baby.

Of course, I was running around like a mad woman because I'd done an "April Fools Breakfast".  I think it's so cool when moms do fun things with their kids, and I must admit I don't do them often enough.  Here were my kids options

Main Dish
  • Poopy Pebbles (cocoa puffs)
  • Surprises (Trix)
  • Good Buy's (Cheerios)
  • Wooden log (wooden spoon)
  • Grabbers (Tongs)
  • Superman (regular spoon, made of stainless steel -- I was low on imagination while thinking this up)
  • Moxy (juice box)
  • Fun (Capri Sun)
  • White juice (milk)

Anyway, the kids thought it was big fun, and I guess it was (til' I dropped their baby sister)

And an entry just wouldn't be complete without mentioning Spencer's bunny hunt yesterday at school.  No, we aren't that right wing here -- we don't shoot bunnies.  I guess they weren't allowed to say "Easter" so instead they say bunny.  Not sure why they don't just say "egg" hunt, but maybe that would bother the vegans. 
Who knows.
Either way, it's very fun, and VERY Kindergarten.  Here they are playing dinosaurs post-bunny-hunt.
Love this little guy.  He swollwed his very own zyrtec this morning.  Allergies are OUT THE ROOF this week and he's been sniffling up a storm and liquid claritin only lasts like a week when he's taking enough, so it was time to swollow a pill.  Is that super painful for you guy's kids?  Let's just say it involved some chewy spree bribary.  Surpsing, I know.

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  1. Fun idea with the breakfast! I didn't do anything for April fools...Utah did a trick on all of us by snowing. HA! I'm laughing really hard Utah.
    Bunny hunt...wouldn't that also be offensive to vegetarians?
    Oh well.


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