Laugh Amongst Yourselves

I literally just fired Spencer.

I’m letting the kids earn some money for an upcoming trip today by doing some extra (fairly large) jobs.  They also get allowance, but I thought this would be a good way to put them to WORK today. :)

Spencer has the job of cleaning the walls, and he was coming to me every 3 seconds saying he was done and me explaining that I was paying per hours and that he had earned a nickle… and him bursting into tears.

So, I fired him.

Of course, there was then more crying while I told him that my manager would fire me if I had a hissy fit every 3 minutes (frankly, that part is questionable, I am union, and I have seen that before).  Conner then said, “mom, give the kid a chance, he’s only 6!” 

Nothing melts a moms heart more than children sticking up for other children.

I re-hired him.

I am a total softie.

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