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So, the IUD has been in for a year.  I am not loving it.  I have constant spotting and I get weird pains that have to be from the IUD.  They’re not really pains liek it’s stuck or something.  Anyway….

I am considering getting it out at my next check up. 

But I need something else.

We’re done, but I have strong anti-tube-tying feelings.  They’re kind of fading since I know this particular body is done producing children until its pelvic floor is perfected in another life. ūüėČ

Anyway, I know you guys had some thoughts before.  Do you have thoughts now?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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  1. says

    I did really like the NuvaRing when I used that before. Of all the people I know, the issues with putting it in/taking it out probably won’t bother you like they do some people. It was very effective and the hormones are very low dose. Much better than having to remember a pill at the same time every day. Nothing to be fitted and you only have to refill the prescription every three months (they come in a three pack.)

    I recommend it.

  2. says

    I second the NuvaRing. I LOVE it. Love not having to remember pills, love the ease of using it, have never had any problems with it whatsoever….

  3. Sarah says

    I’m getting a tubal ligation after this baby is born–after 4 c/s’s, I wouldn’t dare be pregnant again and I don’t want to worry about it or have to take pills or renew prescriptions. I love all my kids and am grateful for them, but I definitely can’t do a good job with anymore and my body can’t take it!

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