Prepping to go to Disneyland (originally wirtten on 4/11 at 5:03 in the AM)

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When going to disneyland with 3 kids I might as well take a uhaul.  I am meticulous about what comes, and where it goes and how it will fit in the stroller.

Wait, let me rewind.

We booked our hotel through –mention my name and get $$ off your order (I think you don’t have to pay your booking fee)!  BUT, I have always found THE BEST hotel price through them.  I always look around (of course I do) but that place always has the best rate!  We’re staying at the Castle Inn and Suites.  Nothing fancy.  Last time we stayed at a Hawthorne Inn and Suites and had an AWFUL time, so this time I wanted to stay within walking distance from the park and cheap. :)  My one stipulation is having a suite.  I just need to be able to shut the door on my kids when they need to go to sleep.  It just makes for a happier life, and there are tons of suites around Disneyland!  I think it was like 433 for 4 nights at the hotel.  The boys are SO excited about staying there though.  Give it up for little boys!  BTW, we also used Getaway today to book our San Diego trip.  We don’t always get tickets with them, but room price always seem to be better!

When we go to Disneyland I am prepped to not eat at all in the parks.  You know it would kill me to pay four bucks for a bottle of water that I was paid to buy at the store. :)  I pack the stroller with snacks and coats and everything we need for a day of fun.  Word on the mouseplanet street is that no one has ever had their stroller stolen at Disneyland.  Crossing my fingers. :)

I haven’t ever done Disneyland with this tiny of a baby but she’s so great and my parents are actually meeting us there so I am pretty excited that it will all turn out OK.  There’s a lot more to pack when you have a wee one though. 

This is our 4th visit to the parks since we moved here (or had kids).  We took Conner the first time when he was five… I think.  Making Spencer 2 years old on his first visit.

Anyway, I guess that’s all.  I have thoughts swimming through my mind about things I’ve forgotten to pack. 

I’ve been awake at 4:30 most of this week.  I keep thinking of the little kid on the disney ads that says “I’m too excited to sleep” but instead, “I’m too stupid to sleep.”  It’s true. :)

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  1. says

    I never sleep before we leave for Disney. First of all, I have piles of laundry to do always, and I hate to go on vacation any left undone.

    Plus, two, I am always so excited! (it might feel stupid, but it really is excited!)

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