TLK Tuesdays: Making My Girl Grow-Up

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While I spend a fair amount of time complaining about how my baby is growing up I need some advice.  Advice you say?  That’s right, my next youngest child is 6 and a lady can forget a lot of things in 6 years.  She can also maybe have never done well on these items in the first place.

1.  How do you get the baby to go to a sippy cup?  Conner was awful at this, and I think Spencer was better.  She won’t even take it right now, just cries.  Anyone?  I’ve tried different cups by the way, and even taking the valve out so it just pours into her mouth.  She’s not a fan.

2.  Do you keep feeding them rice cereal for a while, or did you just switch to cheerios and some fruit?

3.  When did you take out the old carrier car seat and replace it with the rear facing combo one (she’ll be rear facing for a while as I’m guessing she’s not near 20 pounds yet)?  She could still be in the carrier for a while but I bought a rear facing one a while ago….

Ok, ANSWER.  Answer to the best of your ability.

BTW, TMI Tuesday has been replaced with Too Little Knowledge Tuesdays.  TLK. :)  That is, until someone asks ME a question. :)

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  1. says

    Sophia HATED sippy cups. With a passion. There was a really soft one that she liked, but the valve always fell out. She would throw them at me if I tried to give her one.

    So, I just had to take away bottles and she finally came around. Maybe see if you can find that soft one (I think it was Gerber brand) and see if both of you like it.

    I don’t remember how I dealt with solids. I start adding in the veggies before fruits, though. I don’t go with fruits for several months.

    I switch the seats when their legs don’t seem comfy in the carrier anymore. But you could do it anytime, I guess.

  2. Burns Family says

    Some of my kiddos have gone straight to a sippy without a problem, others not so much. I patiently kept offering it and they all soon came around.

    Solids…same they are all so different!!! What I have found is they are usually ready before I am. With Jane I would hand her something from dinner and would be surprised, she liked it and handled it fine. By the time she reached her 1st birthday she was eating much of what we had, and I would simply suppliment with foods I knew she still was getting.

    Carseats…when they seem grumpy to get out, I switch. Again, Jane is still not 20 pounds, but is more comfortable in the bigger seat.

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