TMI Tuesday: Allergies

OH MAN has this been a bad year for allergies or what.

Honestly, I have very little info here other than to say that I am also a fellow sufferer… and I didn’t really suffer til’ I was almost ready to get married.

I am allergic to Drew.

BUT, if it’s pollen or Drew, I’m stuck with both of them.  I just tend to love one more than the other. ;)

ANYWAY, I take zyrtec daily (actually the generic which I get at Costco), and I add flonase if I am feeling extra stuffy and I’m REALLY stuffy I add chlorpheniramine maleate (which i bought at Walgreens under Wal-Finate).  I only take that at night though, it can make you really tired.

I’ve heard local honey can be a big help, so I’m gonna keep my eyes peeled for that this summer.  Although, I’m sure that’s a few points, I guess I could have that instead of a hostess 100 calorie cupcake. :)

Anyone have anything else they love?  Other than living in a bubble?  I’m considering it somedays….

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  1. says

    I’ve been eating local honey for two weeks. I’ll let you know if it makes much difference or not.

    I’m sorry you’re allergic to Drew. :)

  2. Sharon says

    you an get local honey at the -farmer’s market on Saturdays, 9-1, on the street by the post office & City Lights coffee in downtown.