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Ok, I have no particular knowledge in this area, besides a wild romp through child development with no other than Al Price (who, my mom also had for child development, which seems a bit odd, but whatever).

Anywho.  I was talking with a friend who has an extremely verbal 2 year old and she said that she had done purposeful things in order to get her that way… and I started thinking what I’m doing to encourage development in my almost 1 year old {sob}.

So, here’s what I thought off, off the top of my head.
1.  NO baby talk, but we’re still working on that with the boys… they have an incessant need to speak to her like she’s a baby.  As if. :)
2.  Exploring.  I’ve made the house fairly child friendly and I let her explore.  Right now she’s making out with a rice a roni box.  Lucky girl.
3.  Music — I play jmusic when she’s in her playpen each day.  Lately it’s been the mp3 player and its’ fun to see how she reacts to the different genres.  She’s quiet with the flute sonatas and then with Livin’ La Vida Loca came on she shook her bon-bon. :)
4.  Being really verbal with her.  Telling her the names of objects.  Singing songs that include object names and showing her those objects (like, head, shoulders knees and toes).
5.  Reading.  She’s just starting to be cool with the whole sitting down to read thing.
6.  Playpen time.  I think it’s important that they know how to play solo and playpen time fosters that, as well as keeping her safe from whatever choking hazards are lurking before I clean-up.

Anyway, so what do you do to aid in the development of the wee ones?  I must admit I’m rusty at this.  I vaguely remember playing a classical CD when Conner would eat his breakfast.  Of course, that’s when I was SO OVERWHELMED with one child. :)

Those were the good ol’ days. :)

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  1. says

    I do pretty much everything you listed – I’ve been a little lax on the music recently though. Some other things I thought of:

    -We did sign language with our kids. This really has seemed to help with learning to speak and communicating needs. It is also nice in sacrament meeting or anytime when you need to communicate quietly or across a noisy room. Like you mentioned, I also label everything and try to narrate or explain what I am doing.

    -Sing songs, especially with motions. It used to be part of the bedtime routine for us to sing songs while our oldest ran through the house. It started taking too long so now on special occasions when the kids need help unwinding before bed we sing and let them get their wiggles out.

    -For when they are a little older than P, ask questions, starting with easy one word answers (what color, how many) and then moving to open ended ones (where do you think the birds are flying to?)

    -Repetition and routine – good for everyone. I have SO many of my kids books memorized..

    That’s all I can think of right now ..

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