TMT: Marsha, Marsha, Marsha (or, Conner, Conner, Conner)

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TMT stands for teach me Tuesday.  I ask you a question, and you help me.  I am out of useful medical knowledge. :)

So, here’s my problem.  This week is P’s birthday and we’re having a little shin dig for her on Saturday and she’s getting toys and attention and love…

Conner has a play this week, along with STAR testing.  Yes, it’s a stressful week but I’m giving him a lot too.  People are coming to his play (we’d love for you to come too, its Thur and Friday, email for details, it’s only an hour and it’d be great for littles — I’m a big fan of taking them to “Cheap” things where they’re expected to sit still, but are also entertained on their level), I’m making him special breakfasts and trying to make his life fairly stress free (although, last year we had a baby this week and he still did great!).

Anyway… in between those two is Mr. Spencer.  I worry about him.  He’s such a great little seed and rarely had stuff that’s his own or he’s just so great I don’t praise him enough for what he does so well at.

So, what do you do to recognize that great middle child?  We do date night, and I do reading with him in the afternoons, but I feel like there should be more.  I’m thinking of putting him alone on soccer next fall… force his brother to root for him.

So, teach me. 😉

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    Hi Hilary! Thanks for stopping by Taking Heart… your blog is lovely, I will def bookmark.

    My Middling fits his birth order description to the core… and honestly I hate that. Because I don’t like anyone referring to the middle child syndrome.

    Middling is quirky, socially backward (unlike his older brother and younger sister) and beats to his own drum at all times.

    We have found that long walks… art together… sharing music helps. He’s not very outdoorsy… but reading and going to the movies are his favorite… He is my most responsible child so he is often left “in charge” and he takes it very seriously.

    But the one thing that we love to do the most with him… that he enjoys… which is weird… is the card game Uno. I don’t know why… but it always cheers him up on a rainy day.

    Hope you have a great day!

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    This topic occupies most of my “mother worrying”. Mr. Middle has a smart and capable big brother and a cute and obnoxious (attention demanding) little brother. Ashton is my most easy going child, but I worry about him feeling left out, not good enough, not “seen” etc. I can’t say that what we do is working….I may never know, but they are similar to the things you are doing and I think that’s maybe all we can do?

    Ashton loves horses….we encourage him in that way and may even cough up horse riding lessons when he’s bigger. I took him on a special one on one date when the Lipizzaner Stallions were in town and although he’s not much of a talker, I think he liked that. Mostly I try to encourage his individuality and find time to spend with him doing what he likes (but we do that will all our kids, not just middles, right?). I do think that having him his own activities….own team or own instrument is a good idea. I love how Dallin has to take the time to sit and support his younger brother after all the years of Ashton having to sit and watch him!

    Good luck to us all! Here’s to hoping we raise confident and happy little middles!

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    I hear you on this. Chloe is so easy most of the time, that it’s easy not to pay aattention. I’ve really been working on that lately…making sure I really listen, and praise her for the great things she’s doing, because even though she doesn’t demand that like her sisters she still needs it.

    And more one on one time, definitely.

    It’s hard.

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