The Best Husband in the History of Husbandness

Drew gets a special award for responding to the call on Saturday night.

We had a babysitter and we were ready to go footloose and fancy free, and then I sprung on him that I wanted to make a trip to Savers to find me some new clothes.  Nary a proclamation of disappointment came through those lips — he was happy to take me.

Two hours later I came out with 2 items of clothing.  I tried on lots of different things and I was happy to make it out alive.  I had a pair of pants and another jacket that also worked but I’m trying to keep it minimal and cheap since I am calling these “interim” clothing.  it was just about 18 bucks for a whole new outfit (skirt and jacket).  Both items are almost new and look great.  I had lots of compliments yesterday which was lovely (although, I have getting compliments right now, I take each one as a fact that I looked awful prior).

However, I want to head back to a thrift store monthly.  I forget how many amazing pieces of clothing you can get there for not very much money.  They had TONS of cute jackets (which was what I was in the market for) and lots of skirts.  Many of the items don’t look faded or anything like that.

So, here’s the question to you.  Do you shop for clothes at thrift stores?  Wanna make a girls night of it?  It is true that you need another eye when you thrift shop (at least I do).  Does it hang right, is there something I’m missing?  Also, do you have a favorite store?

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  1. sherry says

    I love to thrift store shop! And yes, a girls night out to do that would be great. It does take time to sift through the junk and find a gem. I haven’t been for a long time. I am in the market for a little black jacket, cute and tailored.

  2. says

    I shopped at some for my mission clothes even. It’s nice to have someone else looking with you because thrift stores are hit and miss…

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