Birthday Update


GREAT.  BIRTHDAY.  I will admit the morning was much like any other morning.  Got the kids up and dressed (but lunches magically appeared from the birthday fairy).  I helped in the classrooms, vacuumed, and then I picked up (Drew really wanted to but I was fine to do it… P enjoys her car rides).

Cook's CountryBut as soon as Drew came home (which was like 2:45… nice) he took over, and I sat on the couch and DVR’d myself to bliss.  Then came burgers (no counting points on your birthday… didn’t I read that in the WW handbook somewhere?… I did still split with D because I also had some cheese fries), Yumi yogurt (HELLO, SNICKERS CARBOLITE… speaking of bliss….) and then presents.  I’m excited for some new yoga DVD’s and a subscription to Cook’s Country — I’ve wanted that for a while!  The boys got some some jewelry (P will be in HEAVEN).  And again, I made Drew watch some seriously bad female television with me. 
Does anyone think that Wendy Williams might just be a crazy robot?  Man… that woman makes me question the human race, and then giggle.
Anyway, it was a great day.  Possibly one of my best birthdays ever.
I had some nice chats with lady friends about birthdays yesterday.  Seems like many a husband has an issue with it.  Hello, General Authorities… if you’re out there, a lesson on proper wifely birthday etiquette may just be a great General Conference Talk… Just sayin’. :)
The fun doesn’t even end THERE.  Drew took today OFF to haul the boys up to a baseball game.  That means he’s taking and picking up from school, leaving me and P to enjoy some life to ourselves.
AND we even have a great date night planned for the weekend.
This life has a lot of joy in it lately. 
Oh, and in the ironies of all ironies I was thinking back to my mom’s birth story.  She says that she was 6 weeks overdue with me (uh-huh) and I just wouldn’t come and she finally went in and said she wasn’t leaving without a baby.  So, the nurses gave her some cooling off and finally she had a baby.  Me.
Isn’t it amusing that I chose the very career that my mom hated at the time of my birth?
And isn’t it amusing that after being six weeks over due I was only like six pounds.
Just sayin’….

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  1. says

    I’m so happy your birthday was wonderful! I’m guessing Drew took your hints, and so maybe that’s all he needs.

    Joel has no problem spoiling me on my birthday. I have to hint to please not spend any money on me. Especially this year, since we will be at the very end of the summer with no paycheck.

    And yeah, I was supposedly 3 weeks overdue. But I doubt it. Although I was 8 lbs.

  2. says

    I can’t believe you didn’t call me and tell me they had SNICKERS CARBOLITE?!?! I’ll let it slide because it was your birthday but if it was any other day…. fired!

    Love you!

  3. says

    Sounds like an awesome birthday. You should get Drew to teach lessons. Like a John Bytheway type thing to make wives happy on their birthdays. Although Drew sounds like he does a pretty good job all year.

    My kids were all born at 36 weeks in the 8lb range. The only one, #2, that didn’t have to go to the NICU was born a week before my birthday. I’ll count holding my baby right after birth as a gift that year. Especially since hubby left on a business trip the morning of my birthday.

    Oh, and I would love to know which GA is reading your blog.

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