I just cliked to all the blogher blogs from each of my blogs.  Like a fool, I have 3 blogs and they each have 3 “more from blogher” blogs…

I had absolutely nothing to say on any of those blogs.

How sad is that?

I wasn’t even intrigued by anything they had to say.

What makes a good blog, for you?

I guess for me it has to be relateable.  Kids my kids ages, someone who’s a nurse, people of faith (but not TOO of faith, if that makes sense, although I’m sure I’m over the top with faith at times).  I am a huge fan of humor and self pity is just painful to read.  Informative positive blogs.  Maybe that’s what I want.  I dunno, I just know it when I see it, I guess. :)

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  1. says

    i like blogs that are about real people…your life, your problems, etc. But like you said…not pity. i appreciate people who can find the humor in themselves.

    I also really enjoy food, scrapbooking, and photography blogs,