HELP: Couch Edition

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Some avid readers might remember that I HATE my couch.  It’s holy.  It’s worn.  It’s slouchy.  I hate it.  Did I mention I hate it?

Anyway, I’m about ready to buy a new one.  P is out of the phase of spitting up and while we’re still going to spill stuff it’s not as often….  So you, my loyal readers, I have two questions.
1.  Leather or microfiber?  Leather wears well, microfiber is comfy.  I just don’t know.  I lean both ways.
2.  Sectional or loveseat/sofa.  We only have seating in our living room, we don’t have seating in our family room (it’s a playroom, and we have on big chair in there).  I am thinking I really want a sectional… but will I regret it?  I just want lots of seating.  Mostly, I don’t want 3 kids on top of me on the couch.  Although, I doubt that’s super likely to change. :)
Anyway, I plan to keep it in its current formation.  We don’t have a lot of room in it — it’s a long rectangle as you can see here.  The exersaucer just moved out (and it was in the plae where the swing was in these pictures — which are when we put our new furniture in last year) so I’m ready to fill in that area with something lovely.
YOU, READER.  I NEED YOUR HELP.  What to buy, what to do.  Assistance please.  Comments.  Now.  Locals are welcome to suggest places to shop, as well. :)

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  1. says

    love seat sofa for sure…microfiber is awesome. make sure the throw in a FREE scotchguard for you…it never hurts to ask. then if anything spills it just takes a wet cloth to get it clean.

    have fun shopping…i hate my sectional and wish i had a seperate sofa and loveseat, since i like to rearrange furniture.

  2. says

    PS thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. i always do my best to follow commenters back to their blogs.

    also i hold a monthly drawing, EXCLUSIVELY from my list of followers, for fun prizes…just for following!

  3. Sharon says

    Craigslist is the place to shop, ‘specially for someone as frugal as you. We got a great deal on a microfiber comfy couch/loveseat that we love! Had to borrow a friend’s truck, but well worth it. Start looking and get to know what’s out there. Be sure to look by furniture by owner in the drop down menu.

  4. says

    I’ve never had microfiber, but I have seen a few friends that do, and their couches were destroyed in the end. It just didn’t hold up really well.

    Mine is leather…not real leather, but engineered or whatever. It’s very sturdy, easy to clean and comfy.

    I hate sectionals. But if that’s what works best for you you should go with it. We just have a couch and a wing back chair which needs recovering because it really doesn’t match. :)

  5. says

    We love our leather couch. We have two pieces, and it’s great for rearranging when necessary (or when I get the itch.) Wipes clean, very little maintenance, looks the same four years after we bought it.

    We wanted comfy and leather, so we bought a leather one that is pretty squishy, but looks tighter when you’re not sitting on it. We bought ours at Levitz, but I think they might be out of business now. Macy’s had a really nice leather one about a month ago. Forrest wanted it. I think it was $1200 or something.

    Good luck!

  6. Miranda says

    I agree, we love our leather couches. It is super easy to clean and looks nice for a long time. Best of luck shopping!

  7. says

    I love my leather couches and hate my sectional (it limits your options especially in tight spaces). The leather is super easy to keep clean and always looks nice. Have so much fun shopping!

  8. Burns Family says

    Hubby has a couch issue, so we have been through many, most slightly use thank goodness. We have a microfiber sectional. I love it. I really like the microfiber I have gotten pen, and many other nasty child messes off of it. It has been a good fabric for busy kids. I like the sectional but it takes up lots of room. We bought ours at Costco-it was a good deal.
    Enjoy shopping around!

  9. says

    We have both leather and microfiber, but the leather gets the most use and we love it. It’s super comfy and only a little chilly when you first sit down in the winter. It actually gets warmer than other fabrics as you sit on it…reflects the heat back to you or something! We keep blankets out in the winter to stay cozy. which we’d do anyway. It wipes up lovely.

    I haven’t had many occasions to clean up the microfiber, but the few I did it also wiped down just fine. Leather looks more sleek while the variance of color on the microfiber looks more casual, to me. I bet you’d be happy either way.

    Oh, and I vote for sofa love seat combo.

    How fun to get new couches! :)

  10. says

    OH, also we bought both of ours at Macy’s and they have an awesome lifetime warranty thing on it you can buy for pretty cheap. basically they want you to feel comfortable LIVING on your furniture, so if it punctures, or gets marks you can’t get out, they come fix it or replace it. If you have a Macy’s Home there, check into it.

  11. says

    You know I had the same dilemma FOREVER and I finally went with a plush microfiber sectional from biglots. Waited till I had a 20% off coupon so it was only like 600$. Make no mistake it’s cheap. But in the end I decided I couldn’t cope with paying more and feeling crazy about protecting it. Maybe in a few more years I can go nicer~Oh and I saw a very similar one advertised by Jennifer convertibles too for cheap, not sure if it was microfiber though…

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