Hi. My LIfe is Falling Apart

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I feel bad.  I shouldn’t say it’s falling apart but sometimes I just think it IS!  Let me ennumerate.

1.  The tailbone, it’s getting worse.

2.  The cold.  It’s lasting forever.  Really, I’m not trying to talk sexy with you on the phone.  It’s the new me.  The new me that’s always tired and has a headache.  I even tried a sinus rinse on Saturday.  That’s serious.  And not fun.  Yesterday at church I’d cough and think my cheeks were going to bust open and my tailbone would shoot out and kill the baby behind me.

3.  P is drinking from a sippy cup, but not very much and won’t hold it herself.  I keep repeating baby steps to myself. 

4.  Stealing.  Some of you might heard me whine about Conner stealing food all the time.  So, I went to the library and got a bunch of great books, we talked about it I bought a bunch of great snacks that he has full access to, and yet the stealing continues.  So we provided a lot of horrid punishments if it continued (including losing treats for a week, and me not cooking him food) the stealing continues.  My mom told me to take away the things he loves but I’m already using those as incentive to get ready in the AM’s.  Basically, I can’t trust him, and what do you do when you can’t trust someone who lives in your house?

Take a nap?  Because if that’s the answer I’m set.

Things here really are great and I am fully aware I’m complaining but I’m out of ideas on the Conner situation.  We’ve had talks about eating healthily and making good food choices and not eating because we’re bored.  Nada.  I’m all talked out, our fridge is full of healthy snacks and the 5 dozen cookies I made last Thursday are down to about 10. {sigh}

Ideas people.

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  1. says

    I have no experience with this particular issue, so I’m talking from the vantage point of “What I think I would do.”

    If he values money, maybe start with a fine for the crime, and repayment for the goods that were stolen.

    Next, prison, or the closest you get. Grounded to his bed in his room. No fun, no games, no dinner with the fam. Just homework and staring at a wall for the duration of his sentence.

    Release from his grounding could include a community service and public apology.

    Let me know what you do, because I’m interested in effective methods here. We haven’t had stealing, but lying is making an ugly appearance lately.

  2. says

    Sadly…it sounds like you need to not buy anything that he really enjoys and continue not to buy those things until he earns your trust back.

    Perhaps without the temptation he might make better choices about what to eat.

    Then slowly reintroduce what he likes…giving him limits and boundaries and see if he can earn your trust back.

    Does he have a legit chance to eat the foods he is stealing?

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