Just One of those Days

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Sometimes when it’s your third, you think you’ve kind of got those kinks of parenthood figured out.  At least the parenting of the littles.  Conner still comes up with some things that stop me in my tracks but for the most part I feel like I’m on top of things.
Until yesterday.  Like a fool I prioritized Spencer going to school over P’s nap and scheduled a well check right after school got out.  Conner then decided he had a couple of questions to ask Dr. G so he wanted to come along.  Drew dropped him off after he got out.  Things were going OK, and we had our visit… and while P was like holding water in your hands we made it through.  {Searching diaper bag} no Tylenol.  Phooey (I think I took it out when we went to Disneyland).  Head to pharmacy after dropping off P’s immunization stuff to get in the long line (exceedingly long line, but I was marginally happy that I was able to waste some time at the pharmacy).  Turns out the pharmacy had a forever long line as well.  P is screaming the entire line.  I’m just looking around and smiling at people.  I have my hands full of stuff I needed to purchase (might as well get some nasal rinse and thermometer probe covers while I’m there) and my mild back-and forth of the stroller wasn’t doing it.  She’d already thrown both shoes and was heading into hyperventilation when we got to the counter.  I asked Conner (who had spent much of the time while I was in line asking me if he could buy certain things, we finally settled on a toothbrush that lights up for a minute to remind you to brush that long) to take her on a quick walk down the hall while I pay (Spencer, meanwhile is sprawled out in the middle of the floor working on an activity book).  Apparently, a walk was him performing wheelies and dougnuts as I tried to pay.  The horrified pharamcy techs were like, “is she OK, should he be doing that?” to me while I just WANTED MY DANG RECEIPT SO I COULD PAY.  We make it over to the immunization clinic just as we’re called in (miracle, thank you) and P is crying like bloody murder the whole time.  I was able to give her tylenol (which was wrapped like a nuclear bomb) and she got her shots and we’re done.  They gave 2 of them in her arms though.  Has anyone here seen P’s arms?  They’re smaller than a suckling branch so I am glad she’s doing alright today.  Since she was already screaming I had a nice time rubbing in the shots as we walked out (again, people were staring).
I do think that too often on this blog I put up the facade that things are going smashingly well.  And, while my children are spaced pretty far apart and I do feel like I have things pretty well together, there are times when it is glaringly not together.  I just thought I’d share.
I didn’t scream or beat any of them.  Miracle #2.
In other news, P is in the 3rd percentile for weight (17# 3oz), and the 63rd for weight (29.5″).  She is in the 3rd percentile based on weight for age. :) 
Spencer is in the 5th percentile for weight (38#) and the 27th for height (44″)  HIs BMI is 13.41 whichi s the 2nd percentile.


And in even MORE other news I just read that I can schedule a phone visit with my doctor.  I mean, HOW. GREAT. IS. THAT.  No leaving my house, getting them around sick kids I can just talk to her.  Will Kaiser wonders never cease? :)  Just one of those days… (sadly, well checks can’t be done over the phone.  What a shame.)

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  1. Miranda says

    Oh girl I totally understand a day like that… I am so proud of you not loosing it, you get a gold star from me. :)

  2. says

    Okay, I just discovered you on the inet…first the workout summaries…and you got me hooked with wanting to buy your own coffin. And then this entry…which brought back memories and made me laugh out loud. You’re an amazing writer…you go….

  3. says

    I had a similar experience at the grocery store the other day. I was going to leave them all there and move to China.


  4. carolyn says

    Your post reminded me of the sweat that runs down your back under your shirt when your newborn is screaming in the infant seat hanging off your arm, your 14 month old is trying to escape the grip you have on her wrist and your three year old is emptying the candy bar display while the guy in front of you argues with the cashier about an expired coupon for air freshener. China isn’t far enough away, Lara. (chuckle) :)

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