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I really like the show Parenthood.  Sure, there are things that I don’t love about it… but I feel like I learn about myself as a parent as I watch it.

I like how they fight.  They fight like normal humans who talk over each other.  Instead of taking turns so the mic can hear all of them.  I am terrified of having teenagers and I appreciate how this family has fights and reconciles.  It gives me a small amount of hope.

I like how it’s supposed to be a Berkely.  It’s nice to have shows supposidly based where you are.

There was this scene in the one I just watched (via DVR) where they’re in the rain and everyone is shielding themselves with their coat (which is so CA… why not just WEAR your coat instead of putting it over your head?)… and the one mom (who I probably identify most with, she’s a bit anal) comes out with a giant umbrella, and they all stand under it.

I thought about how props on a show, tell a lot about a character.

I thought about how the “props” in my life tell a lot about me.  From the compost bin, to the wheat grinder, to a 10 million year old sewing machine, to my box of mending, to the 22 scrapbooks in our living room.  That mom (back to the show) had an umbrella because she is always taking care of other people.  She is always the one prepared to help them (even if her neice slept with her daughter’s boyfriend…. I mean, it is TV, of course there will be drama!).

Anyway, it’s nice to have shows that make you think about your life.  What you’ve had, what’s to come…. all with a little bit of enjoyment.  I’m mulling over cancelling cable and just living via hulu, our wii and netflix…. but television is a medium that will always be around.  I’m glad, I like it a lot. :)  Possibly too much… at times. :)

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    I love living via hulu and netflix/wii. There’s a lot of TV shows available, still. :) Of course, we haven’t had TV for 4 years now, so I don’t know what’s cool to watch. We’ve just gotten really into Bones on Netflix. We watch an eisode nearly every night.

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