Teach Me Tuesday: Something’s eating my garden!

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Grrr…. just when you think your garden is going A-MAZING.  Something eats a lot of it.
Bu-bye cucumbers, bu-bye canteloupe (twice), bu-bye watermelon.
So, I go out, I look I see nothing.  I cover them in bird netting thinking it’s squirrels, and it’s not.
Seedlings are coming up, but being immediately eaten.
So, what do I do?
I put slug-o out thinking it was slugs, and I think that’s helped a little.
I wonder if I’m watering too much.
I think I might eliminate one of my early morning waterings.
Do I call it quits and buy stock in the produce store? :)
It’s frustrating, but I’d like some advice from you master gardeners!

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  1. says

    Not a master gardener, but I’d love to know.

    I’m afraid to plant a garden because I see about 100 squirrels in my yard every day. And chipmunks. And rabbits. And crows.

    I’m pretty sure I’d just be feeding the wildlife.

  2. says

    No master tips here, but my Grandmother loves her garden like a child, and she uses one of those bowl and pestle things from the pharmacy, and smashes her egg shells in there. She lines her garden and plants with that. Snails can’t cross the shells because it cuts them. I know she won’t garden without her egg shells, maybe you could try that.

  3. says

    I am by no means a master gardener, but in our last house, tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, squash & zucchini were bounteous. The rest were a bust.

  4. says

    Something has been eating our plants too. We didn’t start anything from seeds this year; we just bought transplants for everything. Anything small and close to the ground has holes in the leaves. I’m guessing slugs for us (we’ve seen a few on the strawberries). Train a camera on a problem spot and let it run whenever you can’t check it
    or get some camo and hang out until you’ve caught the culprit :)
    or be boring and do the eggshells – (background sound of me crunching eggshells)

    Good luck!

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