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Man, we have the sippy cup thing down, but SHEESH, the girl won’t hold it save her life!  As soon as I put her hands on it she SCREAMS!!!
Of course, that didn’t stop me.
It’s just not fun.
Do you think she’ll be picking it up herself by the end of the week?
Time will tell….
Do your kids do this?
Am I raising lazy buns?

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  1. says

    We are not far enough to know about the sippy yet, but my little man will not hold his bottle for anything! All of his little friends feed themselves. He doesn’t care. He will hold it, suck on it, play with it when it’s empty, but to eat he just will not do it. Stubborn should have been his middle name, because just leaving it for him and trying to make him do it doesn’t work. He’s screamed for over twenty minutes before just so I would do it. Let me know if you discover any tricks.

  2. Jessie Moore says

    LOL, you are not raising lazy bums…some kids are just funny about it. Sadie never took a bottle or a binky. They all come different…

  3. says

    Sorry, but count yourself lucky Hilary. Neither of my boys would take a sippy cup, willingly, until they were almost 15 months. Drove me crazy. I totally understand your frustration.

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